We caught the wave at the very beginning. Before logistics software was an industry in and of itself, GlobalTranz was at the forefront. Today our TMS programs encompass every tool and advanced technology necessary for small and midsized freight agencies to compete or partner with larger firms.

The Best TMS Offers Creative Solutions

One thing that stands out for freight agents and brokers using GlobalTranz technology is the ability to come up with creative solutions to logistics problems. The demand for faster front door deliveries both domestically and abroad makes fast, agile, technologically advanced TMS a must for modern freight agents.

Providing creative solutions begins with building technology that is customizable enough and precise enough to give you actionable information. It’s not good enough for a program to tell you how much money you spent. You need to know where you spent it, how much you spent, and where you can save costs.

GlobalTranz technology offers creative solutions to a myriad of logistics challenges. We offer solutions for freight agents of every size and type including:

Utilizing our technology reduces overhead costs, provides new avenues for revenue, and increases your competitive position in the market by making your freight agency more flexible and nimble. When it comes to GlobalTranz technology, the benefits are many.

#1: Big Data Analytics

Many programs aggregate big data but not many focus your big data so that you can analyze it to refine your operations. Our TMS solutions combine big data aggregation with customizable reporting to produce big data analytics that are easy to understand and act upon.

#2: Streamlined Operations

Without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of using GlobalTranz TMS software is the ability to streamline your freight operations. There are so many little things along the supply chain that increase shipping costs. From fees and tariffs to damage claims and warehousing those costs add up to thousands of dollars.

Using our TMS allows you to streamline your operations so that you are reducing overhead while increasing net profits. You no longer have to waste time inputting data or constantly updating shippers on their shipments.

Everything is handled through one CommandCenter interface that gives you more real-time information that ever before while using less fuel, incurring fewer carrier charges, and customer facing programs that give your customers more control.

#3: Cash Flow Management

Some freight agents farm out their financial management to a third party rather than risk managing their revenue wrong. However, with the right TMS program there is no need to hire a company to manage your finances.

GlobalTranz technology allows you to manage all of the invoicing, carrier payments, insurance claims, accounts receivable, accounts payable, as well as administrative duties through one interface. CarrierRate2.0 is designed to produce usable reports and analytics as well as simplify the billing and payment process.

#4: Improved Customer Service

Of course when you are able to better manage your shipments your customer service capabilities will improve. Our software programs are both agent facing and customer facing so that your shippers can follow their cargo in real-time along the supply chain on their own.

We provide easy one click shipment booking as well as real-time quotes at competitive rates. All of this while offering delivery to any place in the country and U.S. territories.

#5: Managing Warehousing and Distribution

Few freight software providers even exist and the ones that do often ignore the role that warehouse and distribution center management can be improved through TMS. Our full service supply chain includes over 13 different warehouses across the U.S. providing:

In order for you to meet the demands of your customers while also charging them as little as possible per shipment, your TMS has to incorporate warehouse and distribution center management.

Forecasting for the Future

With advanced technology you can forecast and plan for the future of your freight agency using reliable data consolidated and optimized for your use. These efficiencies don’t come standard with every TMS program out there.

Our TMS technology has been the industry standard from the very beginning. Now more than ever your freight business will need the latest technology in your arsenal just to compete. GlobalTranz can help you do it. Contact us now to find out more about our TMS and CRM technology.