Helpdesk December 2014 Update

December 18, 2014

Please continue to send all questions to the Help Desk, as this allows GTZ to track Agent issues and Corporate response times –

Please refrain from contacting Agent Support via email to their personal accounts as this makes requests un-trackable

• Agent Support works mainly through the Help Desk portal rather than their emails
• Please visit the Help Desk website for additional tips and an​​nouncements

Reminder to all Agents to ask potential customers if they are already working with a GlobalTranz Agent or have used CarrierRate Software in the past. Before you quote a customer, ensure this customer is in your name within CommandCenter first
• This is a issue that is being tracked by Agent Support, within Help Desk

Customer Specific Pricing (CSP) is offered to customers who ship over $10,000 a...

Agent of the Month - December 2014 | Brighter Logistics - Justin Bright

December 17, 2014

We are pleased to announce our December Agent of the Month, Justin Bright of Brighter Logistics. He has been in the industry since 2008 and joined the GlobalTranz team in 2014.

Justin’s journey into the logistics industry started when he was hired by Echo, where he took the opportunity to learn the business and hone in on his sales skills until 2010 , at which point, he made the decision to work for himself. When asked what motivates and inspires him, Justin pointed to his family saying, “Being able to have the time and freedom to do what I want to do with my kids… I coach both of their travel baseball teams and travel with my wife.”

Brighter Logistics is currently a seven-member team managing all sales, customer service, and everything in between. “I give all of the credit to my team. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today, from Jen Alexander to Katie DeSandre, Georgann, Brittney, and customer relationship manager Liz, and my wife [Wendy].”

Right now,...

GlobalTranz Ranked #15 On “Top 25 Freight Brokerage Firms” List

December 17, 2014

Transport Topic Magazine publishes annual list, "Top 25 Freight Brokerage Firms", ranking GlobalTranz #15 based on net revenue.


Phoenix, Arizona (December 17, 2014)

GlobalTranz, a privately held, Phoenix-based logistics company specializing in freight management services, was ranked 15th in Transport Topic’s publication, “Top 25 Freight Brokerage Firms”. The annual listing ranked freight brokerage firms by their net revenue. In 2013, GlobalTranz reported over the last 12 months (ending July 2014) a net revenue of $65 million and total revenue of $353 million.

Transport Topics is a weekly newspaper covering the trucking and freight transportation industries. Based in Arlington, Va., it publishes a newspaper, a digital edition, a website and e-mail newsletters. “Top 25 Freight Brokerage Firms” is part of an annual report of the largest logistics companies, including Warehousing Firms and Dedicated Contact Carriers.
"GlobalTranz is honored to be...

Carrier Spotlight November 2014 | Pitt Ohio

December 9, 2014

"At PITT OHIO our core values and business practices have been passed down from generation to generation.  Our mission statement of being “Customer Driven, People Driven, Quality Driven” is important as our organization exists to make our customers more competitive, our employees more valuable and our environment safer. 

PITT OHIO has won 32 total Quest for Quality Awards in the categories of Regional LTL, National LTL, Expedited and Truckload.  The Quest for Quality Awards is voted on by readers of Logistics Management Magazine and is regarded as one of the most important measures of customer satisfaction and pure excellence. 

Our commitment to quality goes into all of the various services we provide to give our customers transportation solutions that not only fit their needs but something they can count on. One of the services we provide is a global expedite solution, Fast Track, that has the ability to deliver all of your urgent shipments inside and outside of our...

Employee of the Month November 2014 | Laura Sotelo

December 5, 2014

We are delighted to award Laura Sotelo as our November Employee of the Month. Laura is currently our Claims Resolution Liaison and has been with GlobalTranz for one year and three months. She comes from an impressive background of 12 years in Security Forces for the Air Force, including three deployments to Iraq.

Laura started her journey at GlobalTranz as a broker for West Coast flatbed. After a short three months she applied for the position that she currently holds. Her responsibilities include reviewing new LTL claims submitted by the inside sales representatives, organizing and keeping track of all claims submitted, and follow up with sales representatives on pending claims.  As a liaison between the inside sales representatives and claims department, Laura assists with requesting updates on filed claims as well as being available for any questions that the sales representatives may have. Laura recently has been given the responsibility of handling inside Truckload...

Agent of the Month - November 2014 | Grant Gordon

December 4, 2014

We are pleased to announce our November Agent of the Month, Grant Gordon. Out of the five short years he’s been in the industry, he’s been partnered with GlobalTranz for four and says it has been a “game changer”.

Grant started in the logistics industry at a small mom and pop brokerage where he was hired to work in sales. Soon after, he started exploring other options and then discovered GlobalTranz. Since partnering, he now has the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and still provide his customers with exceptional service. “Because of the technology GlobalTranz has invested in, this is a truly mobile business model.” Grant enjoys the ability to travel to South Africa each year with his family where they can grow up immersed in both cultures and know their South African family without sacrificing his business.

Grant is currently a one-man team where he manages all sales, customer service, and everything in between. He has benefited from working alone by...

Helpdesk November 2014 Update

November 18, 2014

There were 4,185 Help Desk tickets in October, of which Agent Support handled 3,291 (79%)  

Remaining tickets were handled by other departments

Please continue to send all questions to the Help Desk, as this allows GTZ to track Agent issues and Corporate response times –

Please refrain from contacting Agent Support via email to their personal accounts as this makes requests un-trackable

• Agent Support works mainly through the Help Desk portal rather than their emails

• Please visit the Help Desk website for additional tips and announcements ...

Carrier Spotlight October 2014 | Southeastern Freight Lines

November 13, 2014

We are honored to share Southeastern Freight Lines with you in our October Carrier Spotlight. Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL) is dedicated to building a team that is highly trained, hard working, and is prepared to serve their customers. Their commitment to value is the driving force behind their company providing “Quality Without Question”.

Southeastern Freight Lines made its first delivery 60 years ago and since that day, they have never strayed away from exceeding the needs of every customer. SEFL is a privately owned, less-than-truckload transportation services provider, that specializes in next-day service in the Southeast and Southwest United States. They operate service centers in 12 states and Puerto Rico including a network of service providers in the remaining 38 states, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico. Other services include assembly and distribution services, carpet transportation and truckload shipments. SEFL also offers advanced technology that...

Agent of the Month - October 2014 | Go4Freight - Ray Muller

November 12, 2014

It is a privilege to announce our October Agent of the Month, Ray Muller. Ray has a long history of working in Sales Management and has sold everything from high-end vacuum cleaners to cars and luxury RVs. Along the way, he has learned the most important and common factor to sales, “Listen to your customers. They will always tell you how to gain their business.”

Ray started in the industry about five and half years ago and quickly found himself working 60 hour weeks due to rough economic times. He began exploring other options after a conversation with a friend who was a freight broker, working a regular Monday through Friday schedule. Knowing that everything from the largest to the smallest items must be shipped, Ray found the industry fascinating. He then made a goal to move to Lake Havasu City, AZ and form a territory before moving back to Georgia. He thanks God for his success.

Ray began moving primarily less-than-truckload with truckload customers on the side....

Employee of the Month October 2014 | Alison Szymanski

November 11, 2014

We are very excited to announce our October employee of the month, Alison Szymanski. Alison has been with GlobalTranz for three years and is our Training & Implementation Specialist. She trains all agency models on our proprietary software, trains internal employees on items needed for their direct position and pushes ideas to our development team for implementation in software feature releases.

Alison has been very successful in her journey at GlobalTranz due to her strong work ethic and eye for detail. “I understand that people learn at their own pace and that it takes time to know what is needed for each agent to be successful within our organization.” Alison has...