Say Yes! An editorial by Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales

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As a solutions provider I have the ability to handle anything that a customer can throw at me. There are some situations that are harder to accomplish than others but, for the most part, my job is to figure it out for them. As an intermediary my clients rely on the fact that I can logically maneuver their needs.





A lot of sales professionals run into these situations every day. Many of their employers give them rules. Rules that they must abide by to fit within the business model or rules of engagement of the sale.  This happens even though many of the best deals within that organization were not closed or maintained in that manner. Usually the best deals that are closed have special requirements, whether it be software integration or monetary adjustments. I always have the mentality that I can create a solution for a customer and, therefore, never say the word “No” during sales calls.





“No” is a strong word, but “yes’s” lead to more business. Say yes, even if you are just agreeing to look into a certain scenario for your client. “Yes” is the word that can set you free as a solutions provider and give you the opportunity to close some of those larger deals.  If a client wants software integration they are going to get it in the form that they need it whether you provide it or your competitor does. If they need that special deal or a rebate program they are going to get it from either party as well. Be that provider and lean on your company to comply with your customer’s request.





I have had the ability to be a part of a special company that literally forms solutions around the customers needs and not necessarily within the box that they would need to fit in for other organizations. We have created solutions around almost every type of request we could be hit with. The sales representative had to push, not only on the customer side, but with the corporate office as well. Pleading with Executives and Senior Management that this deal would be a great deal for the company. There were then meetings with teams of people to qualify the opportunity and see if it was at all possible to get it done.





As a sales professional, you really need to push the envelope and say “yes.” Leave every opportunity open. When I have vendors come and pitch me on their newest service or product and I start to ask questions, the word I cringe at is “No.” “No” is a roadblock and does not help further their cause in closing me as an account. “No” is the word that will stand in the way of you closing your next deal, so say “yes!”





– Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales




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