A Brave New World by Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales

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Every once in a while you have to step back and smile a bit about your work and the impact it has on an industry.  Andrew Leto, our CEO, has an incredible vision for the freight industry and where it’s going.  He has the ability to visualize products that drive efficiencies, and follow through on those visions to create software that is truly making a difference in the workplace. 


 It began with very little capital to invest and the insight to build CarrierRate.com in 2005.  He knew that if he wanted GlobalTranz to be competitive he needed to set it apart from other logistics companies that were modeled after each other. CarrierRate.com did just that. It wasn’t just that the functionality that was superior to rival software, what stood out most was its visual functionality.  There was just nothing like it on the market, everything else looked like an outdated database on the screen, CarrierRate.com brought sexy to freight.


CarrierRate.com is an industry tested, solid, front-end system, but it would mean nothing without a robust back-end operational tool to support and manage the transactions.  Initially, we used a couple off the shelf transportation programs, but they were a far cry from the specific tools we needed to revolutionize the industry.


Andrew knew we needed to create an operational platform to release us from the mercy of other software companies. We developed GlobalNet from scratch.  Free from rate increases, pay per user or pay per month, which was not scalable for our growth, the system was custom built and got the job done. It’s still in use today.


As you read this article, the bar is being raised by our development team in Boulder.  With Andrew’s tremendous vision still intact, there is a new variable to up the ante.  Travis Rhyan, the President of 10-4, and the creativity he brings to the process, is producing unparalleled ideas.  To see the risks being taken and the ideas being put into action is an incredible thing to be a part of.  CommandCenter, our latest flagship, was a drawing on a white board two years ago.  It’s now, hands down, the best TMS solution in this industry. It is unlike anything ever seen in transportation.  It’s just the beginning.


It’s a brave new world and there are many more exciting products slated for release in the coming months.  Stay tuned, GlobalTranz is reinventing the process by creating software solutions that make Logistics Management effortless.  As for me, back to CommandCenter to analyze the data, in real time, as our customers enjoy our services.


– Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales


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