Agent Truckload Success! by Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales

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 Although the Truckload Department at GlobalTranz has certainly experienced it’s share of stumbles and growing pains over the last couple of years.  We are proud to report that we have turned a significant corner in providing the service necessary to fulfill the FTL needs of our valued partners and shippers.  We now have 150 Broker and Carrier Representatives that are calling a number of carriers per day to source capacity.  


As always, we like to throw up some statistics to show you just how well we are doing.  In October of 2011, the Phoenix FTL team handled $2.2MM in brokered business.  Last month, we handled $8.6MM.  This puts us over the $100MM FTL brokerage threshold for the first time in GlobalTranz history.  At this point capacity becomes much easier.  We are building relationships with carriers, and they are starting to reward us by allowing our team to manage their daily capacity.  We also outperformed the industry in growth last quarter.  This includes publicly traded companies with multi-billion dollar market caps.  


We are not saying that our Truckload Deptartment is perfect, however, we are saying that we’ve come a long way and we’re striving for the top and that there are agents that have completely changed their business model because of the success they are having with our Department.  


Here are what a couple of the agents are saying about the department and how it has helped them in building their business:


K.C. and Rose Cox – Albuquerque, NM. – “I have been amazed with the transformation of the department. Just last night I had a customer contact me with an emergency shipment after hours. I sent an e-mail at around 5pm and by 5:10 I had 4 Carrier Representatives working on the load, with the load built and covered in the system by 6pm.”


Jim Chase – Phoenix, AZ. – “Due to the overhaul in TL, I have been able to improve my Truckload revenue and margin 6 times over the last year. I usually am not losing on price, and with my customer service mixed in with the fast quoting and ability to cover trucks, I have shifted my focus to onboarding customers and am starting to lead in with Truckload. I feel it is an easier sell overall.”


Here is the simplified process for securing FTL business.


1. Enter your quote into Command Center. Right now on standard quotes we have reduced our turnaround time down to 15 minutes (excludes OD and bid lists)


2. If the price is not competitive, email and see if the reduced price is feasible for us to put it on the board and start sourcing capacity.


3. Make sure that the shipment has accurate data, if we are scheduling trucks and sending them in, there are consequences if we have to pay a TONU.


4. Once the load is on the board, the Brokers will start the process of sourcing capacity and will run options by you. If you see that you are not getting options, please e-mail the following people.

a. For Van Freight:

b. For Reefer Freight:

c. For Flatbed Freight:

d. For Intermodal:


Please give us a shot and give us feedback. We would like to know how we are doing.


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