2013-2014 Recap & Outlook by Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales

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Another year has come and gone, and GlobalTranz had a great one all around. We ended 2013 around $275MM in top line revenue. 71% of our revenue was LTL and 29% FTL. We continue to grow our LTL business and finished the year with around $80MM in FTL (up from $40MM in 2012).


This year we are poised to make gains in these areas like we’ve never seen. We are estimating that we will be a $450MM company when we wrap up 2014. We will end the year with $160MM in FTL and have some very exciting development initiatives being released. We implemented a Carrier Sales Model, designed to bring capacity to our software that never hits the load boards. This model is currently at 200 representatives and is growing by 40 per month, with over 4,000 pieces of live capacity filling up our boards daily. Next month’s blog will include the method and stats for this model. We are taking steps to up our service offering in forwarding services that could be another facet of revenue and gross profit for GlobalTranz and our Agents. Driving efficiency through software is also a hot topic in our leadership meetings, and every second we can save our representatives creates opportunity for all.


This year we will release a new CarrierRate.com, and add business intelligence to our CommandCenter that will put more data In front of our people. The gains we are looking to make in growth and infrastructure are magnified when you get to this level, and the outlook for 2014 is going to garner a lot of attention from this industry. You watch!


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