Live Capacity by Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales

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As GlobalTranz continues to develop industry leading software, the newly released features within our software often make a huge impact. With the creation of our Carrier Sales Team, which is now over 250 representatives, we are seeing that our Truckload widget, within Command Center, is a powerful tool that all brokers (including Broker Agents) can benefit from. When brokering loads, you have to realize that not all of the capacity will hit the load boards. There are companies that do not even have the need to post their trucks to these sites. These sites are also a breeding ground for fraud and misfortune for 3rd party brokers like ourselves. Having relationships with carriers that feed you information or capacity is an ideal way to provide stellar service to your customers. Frequently relying on new carriers from posting websites is not the way to produce consistency. 


When we began developing our Carrier Sales Team, we wanted to make sure that we could add “live” capacity to our maps and boards. If a carrier knows a truck is going to be in, let’s say, Dallas on Monday, they would communicate that to their broker partners first. This is where most brokerages stop, but we started to think that we may not have been awarded a load that fits the need of that carrier, so our broker would not have the ability to sell a load to the carrier at that time. With our Live Trucks feature, we are adding live capacity to our maps, and in most cases, prior to the trucks actually being available, giving our representatives the first shot at these trucks. We have also created alerts. This means that if you add a truck to our system that does not yet match a load we currently have available, it saves the truck. If a load is then entered that matches that piece of capacity at a later time, you are getting automatic alerts to your e-mail and in your Command Center Dashboard. Powerful stuff!


Key Performance Indicators:


1. 5-6,000 pieces of live capacity available daily (rising weekly)

2. 44% increase in profit margin when a live truck was used 


The margin numbers are staggering because we are fully filling the carrier’s origin and destination needs. We are also capitalizing on those back hauls before anyone else has the data, which benefits us greatly. We are currently bringing on Broker Agents, and the feedback we have been getting has been staggering as to the effectiveness of this feature. Since we are now handling over $10MM in monthly Truckload business, this is the feature that is primed to take us from a $120MM brokerage to a $200MM brokerage by years end.

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