The 5,000,000 Club by Michael Leto | President – Direct Sales

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It is interesting to see where we have been and where we are going, although difficult at times to step back and get perspective on the accomplishments. However, in the month of May, GlobalTranz hit its five millionth transaction, and with every transaction a shipment. When you genuinely examine what we do everyday, it is not the sexiest of industries, we broker product across the country. To think that everyone reading this, at some point in their lives has used or consumed product moved by GlobalTranz, it is really an exciting thought. With every load tender, starts a symphony of sorts. A customer sends the info, our Sales and Service Associates process, drivers are dispatched, shippers ship, receivers receive, accounting pays and collects invoices, and in the end Executives analyze data and make decisions to drive us forward. In any given transaction, 20-30 people are involved to make the process as smooth as possible.


So many people are touched with each transaction that the five millionth shipment mark ultimately means, GlobalTranz has helped this country distribute the necessities to live. It has employed and empowered people, creating the necessary livelihood to change their lives, and to be a part of it is a privilege that my brother and I discuss and reflect upon often. We appreciate your effort and support throughout the years and look forward to helping you make a difference in your life daily. 


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