CarrierRate 2.0 by John Hess | CTO

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If you could dream a new TMS from the bottom up, what would it look like? GlobalTranz has done just that. 


CarrierRate 2.0 pushes the boundaries of business intelligence with its first hands-on exposure to agents and shippers. We’re tremendously excited to announce that CarrierRate 2.0 has been released in the Alpha phase to a handful of people. GlobalTranz’ newest product offering delivers a platform for real-time interactive reporting and standard tabular reports to facilitate shippers’ awareness of their logistics services. Advanced communications allow agents and shippers to chat in a real-time through a configurable interface. New large shipper features enable multi-site management with a completely new suite of tools. Search for a shipment quickly to find any shipment by BOL, PO, PRO or reference number. Finally, users will have access to online help for ongoing support. CarrierRate 2.0 surely will not disappoint with its modern, highly interactive, and fast interface… The software will undoubtedly change the way many in the industry move freight.


Stay tuned, GlobalTranz is taking a very methodical and incremental approach to the release to ensure the highest quality product. We look forward to sharing further developments as they evolve.


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