Live Trucks by Andrew Leto | CEO & Founder

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We are currently expanding our Live Trucks aspect within CommandCenter. Some of you might be asking “What is a Live Truck?” As you may know, there are only two important load boards in the country, the DAT (which is the oldest load board and actually is an acronym for Dial-A-Truck to show its age) and ITS (Internet Truckstop). 


Successful companies such as CH Robinson, TQL, Coyote etc. rely on their resource of hundreds of employees calling carriers to find capacity on a daily basis. Most small brokers aren’t fortunate enough to possess these human resources, rely on load boards to find truckload capacity for their shippers. The difficulty is that most trucks posted to load boards are actually capacity leftovers, trucks that carriers couldn’t move within their larger broker and shipper relationships. This is the primary reason that small companies have difficulty competing with large companies when it comes to sourcing a carrier.


So when I say Live Trucks, I mean these are capacity events that usually don’t get “posted” to load boards. Right now, we add around 3000 live capacity events to CommandCenter on a daily basis, if you are in our Truck Engine you will see them designated as LT. We are striving towards our goal of 15,000 live capacity events per day within the next two months, creating the greatest Truckload capacity in our company’s history. Acquiring this capacity in the current environment requires a large call center dialing up carriers to simply ask the question, “where are you at?” or “where do you need help?”, then retrieving the information and adding it to the system. Ridiculous as it is, this is the way larger brokers work at this point in time. However, this model has helped to grow our Truckload department to almost 200 million in sales from 25 million in just two years! Be sure to watch our Live Trucks grow over the next few months in CommandCenter.


As I write this, CarrierRate 2.0 is getting its final touches. It will be the best TMS for shippers in the market once it is complete. The investments we are making in Truckload Capacity and CarrierRate 2.0 will give us a major competitive edge in 2015, one that will be very difficult to beat!


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