TuckerWorldWide and GlobalTranz

Freight Agency of the Month – TuckerWorldWide

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TuckerWorldWide and GlobalTranz
AGENCY Q & A – TuckerWorldWide

“This is a competitive industry – it really is dog eat dog. Figure out how to differentiate yourself from the crowd and most importantly, treat your customers like gold.” – Chris Tucker


How did you get your start in the logistics industry? 

I’m actually a product of the technology industry. Since graduating from the University of Redlands in 2006 with a Political Science degree, I spent a majority of my career at a handful of software companies. Most recently as an account executive at Salesforce.com. Although I enjoyed the cutting-edge, innovative nature of technology, I grew tired of working for “the man” and dreamed of working for myself. So how does a software geek end up in the gritty world of transportation? That’s a question I ask myself every day! I was introduced to the industry by my parents, who have run their own successful LTL brokerage for many years. They convinced me that there was a tremendous amount of opportunity in the “truckload” side of the industry for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and brass balls. In April 2013 I formally resigned (scariest day of my life) from Salesforce and started on my journey as a self-employed “freight guy” – courtesy of (at the time) Landstar.

How long have you been in the industry? 

I have been in the industry since April 2013.

How long have you been a freight agency with GlobalTranz? 

TuckerWorldWide has been partnered with GlobalTranz since July 2015.

What do you find inspiring/motivating? 

To us, there’s nothing more inspiring and motivating than hearing our customers sing our praises. Not to sound conceited, but being in such a competitive industry, and selling a service that is viewed as a “commodity” it really is a breath of fresh air to hear that we are setting ourselves apart. It validates everything we are doing and is what drives our team.

How many members are on your team? 

We are a team of four. Myself. My wife Amanda has been our foundation since day one and currently is our CFO and Marketing Guru. Josh Micke was hired in Jan. 2015 and is our Director of Marketing. Tiffany Pecor joined our team in August 2015 and serves as our Director of Customer Care.

Do you utilize Customer Service, if so how big is your CSR team? 

Customer Service is the foundation of our company and the secret behind our success. We handle our customer service in house.

Where do you see yourself and your business within the next year? 

We are going to continue growing. Our business has an aggressive vision that we are executing on and LTL and CarrierRate 2.0 will be an important component of our growth in 2016. Personally I want to keep improving as a business owner, employer, husband, father, and Christian.

What are you currently working on? 

Life is busy. We are currently closing on a commercial property in town that will be the new headquarters for TuckerWorldWide. Being so new to GTZ – we are still working on fully transitioning over, learning the intricacies of the system, who’s who and who does what, etc.

What service do you utilize the most (i.e. LTL, FLT, Expedited, Supply Chain) 

Our business has traditionally focused on Truckload/Partial Truckload but since our partnership with GlobalTranz we are aggressively utilizing their insanely powerful LTL system. At our core, we’ll always be “truckload guys” but I love the easy, recurring revenue that we enjoy when our customers are fully trained and self-serving… in CarrierRate 2.0.

What obstacles have you overcome to get thus far? 

Wow, where do I even begin?! Building a business from scratch is never easy. Aside from our lack of traditional experience in the world of logistics, we have had to juggle bootstrapping a transportation startup with limited funds and little savings (we got used to rice and beans), raising two little girls (currently 2 and 4 years old), hosting a German exchange student, running a successful campaign for City Council…oh and at the same time my wife was building a successful photography business. (www.photographybyamandaj.com)

What are some words of encouragement you can give to newer agents / agencies just getting started? 

“This is a competitive industry – it really is dog eat dog. Figure out how to differentiate yourself from the crowd and most importantly, treat your customers like gold. You wouldn’t believe how often they are getting solicited by your competitors. Never let off the gas. The minute you feel yourself growing complacent is the minute you need to smack yourself upside the head and knock it off. Keep innovating, respond to emails and phone calls quickly and ALWAYS be truthful. I know this sound scary, but the reality is if you follow those “rules”, you will succeed. There is so much opportunity in the transportation industry and it is ripe for disruption.”


Where are you from? 

I grew up in Southern California, graduated from Hemet High School in 2002 and the University of Redlands in 2006. I currently reside in Spirit Lake, ID.

Where do you like to travel? 

We love to travel. Our favorite exotic locale is Ambergris Caye, Belize. Closer to home we are constantly traveling throughout the beautiful Pacific Northwest. At any given moment you can find us in Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Coeur d’ alene, or somewhere in between.

Do you have any hobbies? 

My wife says I need to find a hobby. When I can find the time – I love exploring the back country on my ATV, playing basketball, and reading random articles on Wikipedia.

What do you like to do in your downtime, who do you like to spend it with? 

My world revolves around my God, my wife, my kids, and my church. In my downtime I spend it with them. I was also recently elected as a City Councilman (Spirit Lake, ID) – I take my oath of office in January 2016 and will serve a four year term.

Have you read any motivational/inspiring books lately?

I try and keep my nose in the Word as much as possible. I’m not going to evangelize on you but you’ll find all the motivation and inspiration you need in the Bible.

Anything else you’d like to share… we’d love to hear it.

“In my short career I’ve had the opportunity to work for really bad companies and really good ones. I’ve worked for really bad executives and really good ones. GlobalTranz has impressed us from day one. Any employee or agent can take comfort in the fact that they are associated with a truly innovative organization that will continue to lead the industry. Andrew Leto has built an incredible company, and most importantly, he has surrounded himself with quality people. There are too many people I’d like to thank – but I want to give a particular shout out to Omar Alami and Justin Glerum. These guys are rock stars and we respect them immensely.”



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