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Freight Agent of the Month – David Su

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“When I hear my clients tell me because of my service that they are able to expand and create more jobs in their local communities this excites me, this is the reward that brings me the most joy and gives me the constant motivation to work harder, smarter, and to be even more diligent in my profession…” – David Su – Authorized GlobalTranz Freight Agent

David Su, GlobalTranz Authorized Freight Agent


How did you get your start in the logistics industry? 

I got into the logistics industry about 3 and half years ago. I was in a transitional period in my life trying to figure out which industry would be the best fit for me that would reflect my personality, character, strengths, and business ethics. I had a 5 minute conservation with a friend of mine that I attended church with who was working for a logistics brokerage firm at the time. He told me about the industry and how there was potential to consistently grow. So I did some research and decided it would be a great fit. I got hired at small brokerage firm after a few months later and learned everything I could about how the industry worked.

How long have you been in the industry? 

3 and half years.

How long have you been a freight agency with GlobalTranz? 

2 and half years.

What do you find inspiring/motivating?

My faith and belief in God inspires me, for God to lead me to a company like Globaltranz I found it simply amazing and very grateful. I am able to work anytime, anywhere and being able to dictate my work load on my own terms is also inspiring. When I was with my first brokerage firm, the attitude they taught their employees to have was that the job we were doing was to facilitate and mediate the freight that was being transported from point A to point B. If anything happens to the freight (i.e. damages, missing pallets, delays in transit, re-bills for accessorials for re-classed freight) we were to have the mental attitude that it was either the client’s fault for not properly giving the correct information or that “it’s just freight, it happens”. This wasn’t good enough for me so I began to ask myself, “What can I do to set myself apart from everyone in the industry when it comes to servicing clients and being more empathetic?” The answer was to become more of a problem solver than being just the “rates” guy or the typical “broker”. So my motivation is simple, to provide solutions for problems my clients face every day with trucking companies and other “typical” brokers, to help small businesses grow by providing cost saving methods of transportation of their products, to create supply chain and logistics operation efficiency.

When I hear my clients tell me because of my service that they are able to expand and create more jobs in their local communities this excites me, this is the reward that brings me the most joy and gives me the constant motivation to work harder, smarter, and to be even more diligent in my profession, it gives me that purpose when I wake up in the morning and look at reflection in the mirror knowing that I am doing my part to contribute to the great engine we call the American economy. Hearing from clients that they were able to create more jobs means being able to help that fellow person the means to provide for their families, encouraging them that they are not useless and that there is still hope in this country, that hard work still means something.

How many members are on your team? 

Just me, I am a solo agent.

Do you utilize Customer Service, if so how big is your CSR team? 

No, I mostly utilize the ops team on truckloads.

Where do you see yourself and your business within the next year? 

I see myself increasing my book of business by another 50% and being able to travel to visit my clients.

What are you currently working on? 

I am in the process of finishing up some presentations to bring on more clients.

What service do you utilize the most (i.e. LTL, FLT, Expedited, Supply Chain) 

LTL and FTL.

What obstacles have you overcome to get this far?

I’d say learning how to deal with trucking companies on the billing and claims issues. Also understanding how my client’s businesses operate and how their industry operates.

What are some words of encouragement you can give to newer agents / agencies just getting started? 

“Don’t be discouraged and always remember that it takes 100 ‘NO’s to get 1 ‘YES’. All it takes is one client and if you service them well, more business will come your way through referrals. Also remember to try to distinguish yourself differently from the rest of the competition out there, ask yourself objectively how you can do that.”



Where are you from? 

I was born in South Korea on a US Military base. Immigrated here to the US when was 1 and grew up most of my life in Diamond Bar, CA.

Where do you like to travel? 

Costa Rica, New York, and Vegas.

Do you have any hobbies? 

I like to play Texas Hold’em, play guitar, love to work out, and depending on the season I like to participate in outdoor activities. (snowboarding in the winter, and ATVing in the summer)

What do you like to do in your downtime, who do you like to spend it with? 

My downtime, I just like to relax. I either go have dinner with friends, or watch a Clippers game at the Staples center with friends. Sundays I have dinner with my family. I also love to volunteer and give back, every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month I help out with a food pantry and give groceries to needy families.





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