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The first half of 2018 is in the books and it’s been a busy year for the freight community and supply chain industry. Many industry experts are reporting 2018 to be the most dynamic freight market in history. As we head into the second half of 2018, we’re featuring our top logistics stories of the year.

Shippers of Choice: Be the Customer Carriers Love to Have

In today’s capacity environment, shippers are competing against one another to book an available truck at a reasonable rate. Carriers have the choice to haul loads that are the most lucrative for their business and keep them within legal limits of HOS rules. Shippers who provide better experiences for carriers could reap long-term benefits. Read 5 ways to help transform your company into a shipper of choice.

Tips for Shippers in the New ELD Mandate Environment

If you’re a shipper, carrier or logistics company, it’s been impossible to ignore the news about the industry’s ELD mandate (Electronic Logging Device), which went into effect late last year. April 2018 was the first official month where carriers could be fined, ticketed or put out of service for non-compliance. Read how ELDs are impacting freight markets and tips for success in the new ELD Mandate environment.

Blockchain in Logistics: 10 Benefits and Why We Need Standards

Blockchain technology is considered by many to have as much potential as AI (artificial intelligence). For the logistics industry, blockchain is promising to create transparency of all documents and transactions across the freight landscape, ultimately increasing the efficiency, agility and innovation of supply chains. Read how blockchain can solve logistics inefficiencies and 10 benefits of blockchain in logistics.

The Rise of AI in Logistics

The ever-expanding field of artificial intelligence (AI) is leaving an indelible mark on every industry, logistics included. With its ability to rapidly make sense of massive data sets and automate operational processes, AI is transforming the movement of goods and creating competitive advantages for business supply chains across the globe. Read about 3 ways AI is transforming logistics management.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Freight Shipments and Save

Consulting company Capgemini recently surveyed a group of logistics and shipping managers and found “cutting transportation costs” to be one of their top challenges. While many shippers naturally look for ways to reduce rates, there is also a broad range of optimization tactics logistics managers can employ to help their businesses realize sustainable long-term savings. Read about 10 shipping optimization tactics you can apply today.

4 Guidelines for Navigating Cargo Freight Claims

Today’s freight industry runs at rapid speeds to meet customer delivery demands. One event that can disrupt the flow of your freight management operations and supply chain is damaged or lost cargo. The majority of shipments are picked-up and delivered on-time and intact, but knowing what to do and who to contact if you need to file a freight claim can be a key differentiator to minimizing downtime. Read about 4 freight claim guidelines that will keep your supply chain operating efficiently.

Trends Impacting Your Logistics Operations in 2018

The logistics industry is evolving, bringing both risk and opportunity to corporate supply chains. Government regulations, the driver squeeze and a healthy GDP have created challenging capacity and rate conditions. The booming e-commerce space and demand for operational efficiency continues to amplify the need for increased automation and technology. Read about three macro trends impacting the freight community.

7 Advantages to Outsourcing Logistics

Today, ninety percent of Fortune 500® companies rely on 3PLs for outsourced logistics and supply chain services, according to an Armstrong & Associates report. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, how promptly and efficiently you react to customer orders has a direct bearing on customer loyalty, retention and earnings. Read how outsourcing non-core functions like logistics allows you to focus entirely on what you’re great at: growing and building your business.

Is Your 3PL Adding Value or Just Taking Orders

Companies are putting more emphasis on logistics due to the impact it has on customer loyalty and earnings. At the same time, logistics costs are increasing and transportation management is becoming more complex, digitized and fast-paced. To combat these complexities, companies are looking for logistics service providers that do more than simply book shipments and take orders. Read about how 3PLs that are solution-focused can solve logistics challenges and add value to your supply chain.

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