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Cerasis is excited to announce the release of an all new, exclusive, & educational resource “The Ultimate Guide to 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends” white paper!

This is a must read for those shippers who are increasing parcel volumes thanks to the rise of e-commerce but also traditional freight shippers who are now shipping in multiple surface modes as a way to compare rates & shipping times to optimize the customer’s experience as it relates to logistics.

What You’ll Learn in this 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends Guide White Paper

  • How 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends put Customer Experience at the Center of Strategies
  • Speedier Delivery Among Top 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends
  • Driving Forces of Strong 2019 Parcel Growth
  • The “Amazon Effect” looms large on 2019 Parcel Shipping Trends
  • New Parcel Delivery Applications Will Take Root in the Industry
  • Expansion of Parcel Shipping Will Add to the Strain on LTL and FT, Resulting in Less Capacity
  • How Shippers of all Sizes (OEMs, Distributors, and Retailers) will Turn to E-commerce & More Parcel Shipping

Parcel Growth Will Continue to Dominate Logistics Planning Throughout 2019

A strong grasp of these 2019 parcel shipping trends will be vital to ensuring available capacity and keeping prices lower for consumers. Shippers must understand these trends and apply their best practices to maintain control over small package and parcel logistics management as the year progresses.