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Today we bring you a report that we have recently received from eft (eye for transport). The findings in the report mirror what we wrote about in January in regards to how emerging technology will forever impact the manufacturing and logistics space. In that post we pointed to the following:

  1. 3D Printing will shorten the supply chain
  2. The Internet of Things (IoT) will increase transit visibility
  3. Drones will increase the speed of delivery
  4. Driverless vehicles will cut the costs of transportation
  5. Augmented Reality will increase Improve the handling of goods and speed of delivery

You can read that post in its entirety here.

All of these these showed up on the key findings of the eft 3PL Selection and Contracting report. It is refreshing to see that which we are following and writing about is in line with what shippers are demanding from their 3PL. If you check out our 3PL section of our blog, you will see several different areas as well that matter to shippers.

3PL Selection and Contraction Report Now Available for Download

3PL selectionThe 3PL Selection and Contracting report breaks down many of the crucial components of one of the key connections in supply chain: the LSP-shipper relationship. If you are a shipper, we encourage you to download the full report to get a sense of what other shippers are expecting from their logistics service provider.

“The report represents a thorough analysis of the selection and contracting process of contract logistics from perspective of both logistics service providers and their customers – namely manufacturers and retailers” says event director, Haley Garner.

Click here to download the report

Key findings included:

  • 40%+ of manufacturers and retailers expect their logistics providers to have some understanding of driverless vehicles
  • 19.2% of Manufacturers and Retails are already using 3D printing in their businesses
  • 94% of industry executives think drone delivery is inevitable
  • 43% of industry executives think the Internet of Things will have a huge impact on supply chain and logistics.
  • 4% increase in customer dissatisfaction
  • China remains a primary target for growth for 3PLs and Customers alike

eft creates the report every year during our research into the 3PL Summit, an executive-level logistics gathering in Chicago, this year happening: June 16-18. If you’d like to discuss more on these topics, and join executives make sure you come along.

Contact the event director for more information: Haley Garner – +44(0)2077249

INFOGRAPHIC: Key Findings from the 3pL Selection and Contracting Report

3PL contracting report


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