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It’s time to vote for Inbound Logistics’ Top 3PL Provider ranking, and GlobalTranz would like your support!

Here are the top 5 reasons to vote for GlobalTranz as your Top 3PL provider:

  1. The best fright management technology. GlobalTranz has always been ahead of the curve on technology innovation, but we just took it to a whole new level with the launch of GTZrave™. With the GTZrave logistics technology platform, shippers, carriers and freight agents have access to a common platform for process automation, dynamic collaboration and end-to-end visibility – resulting in freight being moved faster, at a lower cost and with fewer issues.
  2. Carrier capacity and carrier quality. Freight can’t move without carriers, and GlobalTranz has invested heavily in the past year on improving carrier relations and negotiating customer-specific pricing to ensure we can meet shipper needs. Not to mention we have the strongest carrier due diligence screening process in the industry – lowering overall risk for everyone involved.
  3. Premium customer service. Whether you’re dealing with GlobalTranz directly or working with one of our freight agents, we place a high value on customer service for shippers and carriers. Our goal is to ensure needs are met across the board – from on-time shipment, to fair pricing, to fast payment and quick issue resolution.
  4. Unmatched back-office support. Our back-office operations support has been a key differentiator for GlobalTranz for years. It is the key to success for many of our freight agents and ensures shippers and carriers receive a seamless freight brokerage experience. In fact, it’s so valuable that we’ve packaged it into a turnkey offering called GTZoperate™.
  5. Compliance is high priority. A lot of detail needs to be managed to ensure the transportation of your freight meets state, federal and international regulations. GlobalTranz does continuous due diligence, and our extensive network of regional freight agents keep up with changing regulations to ensure compliance for our clients.

So VOTE NOW for GlobalTranz as your Top 3PL Provider. Thank you for your support!