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We are coming down the homestretch with our “Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015…So Far” that we are running this week. We’ve already hit 3 of our 5 main categories by featuring the most popular blogs for the logistics blog posts, manufacturing blog posts, and supply chain blog posts. As we round out the 5 categories, we come to the place of our expertise: Freight and Transportation Management. As a third party logistics provider squarely focused on freight and transportation management, we also understand that if we only talk about those two categories, we are not thinking well rounded enough. It’s important that shippers not look at their own business in only silos but understand how all the aspects of the supply chain affect their business. 

We are continually touting the use of technology and best practices in order to move shippers’ businesses forward. In fact, that idea, the investment in technology and best practices for continual improvement, is at the heart of all of our content. We are here to help you get some of the latest tips and trends so you remain sharp at your game. 

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5 Most Popular Freight Blog Posts of 2015…So Far

So with all of that said, the most popular freight blog posts written in 2015 and that have received the most views so far echo what we saw with the previous blog posts: trends and changes in the industry we all must be aware of in order to maximize our shipping practices. We display the most popular freight blog posts in the order of #5 to #1. We hope you enjoy!

1. Concealed Damage Claims: 3 Myths Busted & 5 Tips to Stay Proactive

At Cerasis, we now have 4 certified freight claims management specialist, with our fifth nearly certified and expecting certification in the coming months. In regards to concealed damage claims, shippers must know that they ARE THE MOST DIFFICULT type of freight claim to have a positive resolution. We have to fight for our customers tooth and nail, and the carrier has to fight for their team tooth and nail. And at the end of the day if the carrier doesn’t want to pay anything (as unfair as it may be) some of them don’t even entertain any type of offer. Now when they tell us NO, we don’t take it lying down. We will typically go back to the carrier for a “settlement” if “WE” the Cerasis Claim team deems it would be worth it. We have a process of accepting denial and working through them and in fact, to better understand freight claim declinations, head on over to the 8 most common reasons a freight claim could get declined. >>> Read More & See the Myths & Tips


2. Concealed Freight Damage: NMFTA Changes Reporting Window Effective April 18, 2015

As the world becomes hyperconnected, the demand for rapid response for concealed freight damage, general freight damage or missing items from shipments has changed. On April 18, 2015, the National Motor Freight Traffic Assocation® has amended the NMFC rules regarding the required time frames for reporting concealed freight damage. Since third-party logistics providers (3PLs), especially those involved in order fulfillment and shipping processes, have a duty to ensure accuracy and delivery of merchandise, the NMTA®’s decision to reduce the reporting time frame will greatly impact the course of business. However, you must understand what causes damage, how it plays into this decision and how it will change business processes in transportation management services. Near the end of this post, you will see the full legalese of the changes made by the NMFTA. >>> Read About the Changes to Concealed Freight Damage

3. 8 Action Items Shippers Can Take to Minimize the Cost Effects of DIM Pricing for Less-Than-Truckload Shipping

The latest industry-pricing trend, dimensional weight pricing, or often referred as “DIM Pricing,” calls for LTL freight cost calculations using pounds per cubic foot of space occupied on the truck. Both UPS and FedEx recently announced dimension-weight pricing plans for parcel/small packages effective Dec. 29 and Jan. 1, respectively. Shippers using LTL freight options will want to prepare their 2015 budgets with DIM pricing in mind.

The process, of shipping and managing your freight expenses, is becoming more dependent on the size of your freight and the space it occupies than ever before. Many carriers are, in essence, selling space on their vehicles. >>> Read More about DIM Pricing


4. What Freight Brokers Should Expect in 2015

With the cutthroat competition that freight brokers already face, it’s hard to imagine the industry becoming even more competitive. However, that’s exactly what’s in the forecast for 2015. Not only is competition fierce from other freight brokerages, but other segments of the shipping industry are eager to step in as well. New transportation management technology is streamlining the entire shipping process, and some shippers are looking for ways to bypass freight brokers altogether. Meanwhile, some carriers are trying to play the part of brokers as well. >>> Read More of what Freight Brokers (and Shippers) Should Expect in 2015


5. The New Dimensional Weight Pricing Mechanism and Its Implications on Freight Shipping Costs

UPS announced a major pricing change that will impact the bottom line of shippers everywhere. While all shippers will be impacted, the price increase will most affect companies shipping lightweight residential and commercial packages.

UPS now applies dimensional weight pricing, also known as “DIM” Pricing, to ALL packages as of December 29, 2014. This matched a similar announcement made by FedEx last year on May 2, 2014. Currently, dimensional weight pricing is only applied to packages measuring three cubic feet or greater. DIM weight pricing creates a billable weight based on package volume (the amount of space a package occupies in relation to its actual weight). >>> Read About the Effects of DIM Pricing on Shipping Costs


What are your favorite Freight Blog Posts from the Cerasis blog for 2015? What other Freight Blog Posts should we check out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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