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In the early days of the Internet, movies like the Net and the Terminator gave humanity pause to reflect on the possibility that machines could one day take over. The way technology is advancing at a lightning pace now-a-days, it seems more possible than ever in the workforce – but is it?

Could Machines Really Do it All?

Every industry, not just freight logistics, has seen a complete revolution in the way that they operate due to technology. Prior to the proliferation of the Internet, most of the work of a freight agent was done over the phone or via fax.

The type of next day demand that freight agents deal with today would not have been possible just two decades ago. But now technology has made automating many business operations, even the more complex ones, much easier to do and extremely more efficient.

Humans, on the other hand, have to be paid a salary, be given time off, and add tens of thousands of dollars to overhead expenses; machines do not. The debate touches on all levels and has even been at the center of the national political discussion.

At the heart of it is a simple question that businesses continually circle: “Why can’t we just handle every transaction with a machine?” If a business owner can save more money by automating everything, why would they burden their budget with payroll?

Automation is Cheaper, Faster, and more Consistent

Expense is not the only benefit of technology’s ability to automate transactions. Automation makes logistics move smoothly and reduces the chances for human error. Our software is designed to automate as many of those processes as possible – to save time and make logistics more efficient.

Furthermore, without automation your competitors hold a decisive advantage over you. Just to compete in any industry today, technology has to be a part of your overall strategy. In logistics, technology has automated many transactions including:

  • Shipment Booking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Real-Time Delivery Confirmation
  • Claims Submissions

With all that technology has brought to the logistics industry particularly, is humanity becoming obsolete? Of course not! Trucks need drivers and drivers need directions, but technology needs humanity for more reasons than just that.

The Human Element is Irreplaceable

The most advanced technology could never replace the human element. Even with automated booking, shipment processing, and delivery receipt confirmations, there are still humans throughout the chain that add elements that machines cannot.

#1: Problem-Solving

If the problem is a series of numbers, machines have the clear advantage over humans. However, when it comes to more complex problem solving that requires reasoning, machines just cannot compete.

#2: Human Understanding

When an emergency occurs and the world comes to a standstill, your machines have no clue. They continue to operate regardless until the power is shut off. Human understanding enables people to deal with unanticipated and unexpected events, which is critical in the logistics business.

#3: Glitch Fixing

Man created machine so when the machine breaks down, it cannot fix itself. Humans are needed to fix glitches and problems in the works. Machines are not a self cleaning oven and when it needs fixed, humanity is necessary.

#4: Creative Thinking

Machines cannot think and therefore cannot think outside of the box. Many business transactions and dealings require creative thinking for future planning and for problem solving. The human element here is simply irreplaceable.

#5: Can Do

Finally, technology can provide the ability to build a robot that can do a lot of things but no machine can replicate a human. There are extraordinary machines that defuse bombs, perform delicate surgeries, but none move and function the way that humans can.

Keeping Humanity in Technology

Part of our success at GlobalTranz is that we fundamentally understand that we have to keep humanity in technology. We make it our goal to provide the right balance between automation and personal attention.

We have the most successful agent network because it is built upon relationships with people. Our technology enables us to do the best part of our business better: working with and helping people. We put just as much emphasis on employing the best customer service possible as we do on creating industry-best freight agent technology.

Our proprietary software tools are among the most advanced on the market. Designed specifically for freight agents and brokers, working with GlobalTranz software guarantees that your freight business will always keep and nurture the human element.

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