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The life of a freight agent is an active and lively one. Though you may work from home your day is anything but laid back. It begins usually at the crack of dawn and the messages and texts don’t stop coming in…ever. And you don’t want them to; that is of course, if you are one of the great ones.

You know that as a freight agent you are under the gun from the moment you start your day the minute you shut off the lights to your home office. It can be a grind but an exciting one that great freight agents thrive on.

For those freight agents, there has never been a better time to be part of the freight industry. Today the majority of Americans do a larger percentage of their business online than ever before, which includes business-to-business transactions.

That has created the need for even some of the biggest national chains to call for the aid of a freight agent to help fill the gap in their supply chain deliveries. In turn now there are some 3PLs out there that are becoming really big names in the industry.

How are they doing that? By adhering to these 5 things every great freight agent does.

#1: Moves Product Safely

The cardinal rule for a freight agent is to get the products and goods to their destinations safely. It is like the Hippocratic Oath for doctors. Over the last five years the amount of cargo being shipped across country and around the globe has increased by 100% and all predictions indicate that rapid growth will continue.

Freight agents are a critical link in the chain helping to match the right carriers with the right shipments resulting in a healthy list of satisfied shippers who come to depend more and more on their trusted 3PL. If you want to be that trusted broker, focus on being the one that moves product safely.

#2: Accounts for Weight, Size, Volume, etc When Matching Carrier to Shipper

One thing that a great agent does that separates them from the pack is account for everything. Attention to detail is a crucial part of being a great freight agent. There are too many moving parts involved in coordinating the logistics of multiple shipments day and in and day out to leave anything to chance.

A great agent knows everything about a shipment before he/she accepts a job she/he can’t fulfill. Great agents take into account:

  • Size of the Load
  • Weight of the Load
  • Shape of the Load
  • Value of the Load
  • Characteristics of the Load

To do the job right a great agent always follows any special instructions to the letter. Moreover, they know the receiver’s unloading capabilities so that they can expertly match the right vehicle to the load type.

#3: Makes Sure They and Their Carriers are Compliant

There are freight agents who are so desperate to snap up more business that they are willing to cut corners in order to get a leg up on their competition. That is the exact wrong thing to do. A great agent not only ensures that they are compliant with state, local, and federal law but also that their supply chain partners are as well.

#4: Always Does the Right thing for Their Clients

A client who has an oversized load and is in desperate need of a carrier and calls you to see if you can beat the high price your competitor gave them. If you would have to pay the same tolls and fees that push the rate up high, the great ones always do the right thing for their clients, even if that means telling them they can only match the rate at best.

#5: Uses Advanced Technology to Provide Faster, Cost-Effective & More Reliable Deliveries

Finally, it is easier than ever to make your mark as a great freight agent by using advanced technology to your advantage. You can offer the fastest, most reliable and cost effective deliveries in your area if you have the right tools at your disposal.

The Right Tools Can Help Make You a Great Freight Agent

When you have constant vision on your loads from the moment they are picked up to the moment they are delivered, you will beat your competitors. Fortunately, GlobalTranz offers the types of innovative TMS programs to help you to compete.

Our software programs have a track record for transforming stagnant freight agent careers into success stories. If you are interested in becoming one of the great ones, contact our team at GlobalTranz about adding our products and services to your freight brokerage.

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