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In order for you to truly leverage the power of your 3PL, you have to begin your working relationship on an equal footing. Their success is your success and vice versa. The better service you can provide your 3PL, the better able they are to fulfill your shipment requests. Here are 5 ways that freight agents can unleash that power.

#1: Get on the Same Page

When you first begin your relationship with your 3PL, you have to bring them on board. You have to treat them as if they are part of your overall freight business. That includes sharing with them your goals, your business vision, the types of customers you are going after and how they fit in to your overall plans and goals.

With both you and your 3PL on the same page, they can begin to offer fresh insights that might help make your business stronger. Our technology is built using honest feedback from our partner agents and carriers that helps to make our TMS and CRM software packages industry-leading.

#2: Listen to Your 3PL

In the same vein, it’s not good enough just to send edicts down to your 3PL about rules and procedures. Listen to them and make their feedback as valuable as anyone else in your freight agency. Too often 3PL’s are treated as just a cog in the wheel. Your 3PL is the wheel moving your product. You have to treat them that way.

They are your most important link between your shippers and you. Make it as powerful a relationship as possible by giving them the tools and the means to give your shippers outstanding service every time. When problems arise, you want the assurance that your 3PL can handle anything that comes their way.

Our proprietary CommandCenter platform is just the tool to help them to excel. Real-time dashboards give them up-to-the-second reporting about weigh stations, detours, road closures, traffic delays, etc.

#3: Give Them the Info That They Need

Something as fundamental as reducing or eliminating the number of empties returning to the warehouse is directly related to how much or how little information you share with your 3PL.

With so much data pouring in from points around the nation and for some, the globe, you need to be able to easily and quickly consolidate and organize that data to make it useful for your 3PL. That is how your 3PL can jump in whenever there is a breakdown in the supply chain for some major retailer, giving you a better chance of winning that business.

GlobalTranz created CarrierRate2.0 to work in conjunction with ShipperCenter for this exact reason. We know what your 3PL needs to do their job most effectively. These tools help them see:

  • Order/Load Details
  • Shipper Information
  • Alternate Routes/Real-Time Re-Routing
  • New Loads for Empties

#4: Help them to be Proactive

What sets your freight agency apart from the rest is your ability to be proactive. Your 3PL must also be as flexible and nimble to react proactively to changes on the ground.

Instead of your 3PL fishing for information to make their deliveries faster, you should be proactively furnishing them with everything that they could possibly need to get the job done the way that you want it done.

Harnessing the power of our technology that is making freight agents and brokers a force to be reckoned with in the logistics industry is exactly what is needed to double that power for your 3PL. Our software gives them agility and so much more real-time data at their fingertips that it is making it very hard for other 3PLs to compete.

#5: Make them True Partners

Thinking of your 3PL as a service provider and not as a crucial member of your team is the exact wrong way to unleash their power. Bring them in the fold and make them a true partner. That is how you get all parties on the same page. That’s how you help them to be proactive.

That in turn results in exceptional customer service and your reward for that excellent service is new and loyal customers. As your partners, it is as much in their interest as it is in yours to make sure that they are making on-time deliveries every time. They are as vested in exceeding your customers’ expectations as you are.

Leverage with GlobalTranz Today

At GlobalTranz, we can meet you half way. We will give you the tools you need to leverage the power of your 3PL. All you have to do is build a relationship of trust and respect with them. Start building that lucrative relationship now. Contact us to learn more about our GlobalTranz freight agent software programs.