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5 More Ways Our GlobalTranz Technology is Better

Technology has created an enormous market of 3PLs vying for a chunk of the business coming from a growing need for fast, efficient, freight logistics. After attending the TIA Capital Ideas Conference recently, our own Bradley Hartwig was struck by one phrase that captured what makes our technology better; “We are the technology market.”

We Create the Marketplace

What we discovered more than a decade ago when we founded GlobalTranz is that the only thing keeping 3PLs from competing for their share of the freight logistics market was technology. So we set out to create the type of technology that would level the playing field for independent agents and freight brokers.

We are not just the technology market. At GlobalTranz we create the marketplace. Of all of the players in the logistics industry, 3PLs more than any other are responsible for the huge growth and investment in technology. It is that voracious appetite for technology and our penchant for making the best logistics technology that has helped us to create the marketplace.

5 Ways Our Principles Make Our Technology Better

Guiding each and every product that we manufacture are our principles. These principles are the secret ingredient that makes our technology better. Here are our five guiding principles and how they help us remain leaders in freight logistics technology.

#1: Simplicity

Coordinating freight shipments takes a lot of skill, intuition, and know-how. Our products offer our agents a short learning curve because each product is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Agents are able to hit the ground running by mastering these extraordinary tools quickly and easily.

#2: Flexibility

Anyone who has ever worked in logistics knows just how chaotic and hectic moving freight can be. You need tools and technology that allow you to quickly adapt to changes on the ground. Our GlobalTranz technology is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and agile giving our agents the power to solve problems and provide better customer service.

#3: User-Friendly

Not only is our technology easy to use for our agents and brokers but it is also beautifully and thoughtfully designed with our agents’ customers in mind. Quick and easy two click shipment booking and real-time updates are just part of how we consider and value the user experience in the making of all of our products.

4: Reliability

There are no fly-by-night operators or one-hit-wonders using our GlobalTranz technology. That’s because our expert team ensures that all of our products offer consistent performance and are reliable and dependable. Each of our agent partners have access to our support team that is dedicated to helping them whenever they need assistance with anything.

#5: Exclusivity

Finally, one of our biggest edges over all of our competitors is exclusivity. We own our products from conception until they are released to the public. All of our technology is proprietary and exclusive to GlobalTranz.

Our Principles Mean Something

Taken altogether these are just a few of the reasons why our technology is leading the freight industry. As Jim Collin’s once said, ‘All visionary companies share the common attribute of principles.” At GlobalTranz our principles mean something.

In each one, you see that we have not strayed from our original vision to use technology to help level the playing field for our customers. The evidence of our success can be seen in our numerous statewide and national honors.

But more importantly, our success can be seen in the achievements of all of our agent partners. That is what got us started and continues to drive our company forward.

GlobalTranz Brings Authenticity

When a company places their value on the service or product that they provide and not just their bottom line, that is a company that is working with integrity and authenticity. GlobalTranz brings authenticity to your freight agent business.

Industry-wide our company and our products are well known and revered. 3PLs that use our technology have the ability to show their customers why our technology is better with every shipment they manage. They are able to offer the fastest most reliable service.

Their customers have the peace of mind of knowing that their shipments are in good hands. And they have access to our user-friendly interfaces designed to give customers control when booking shipments.

From beginning to end, we design our technology with our customers’ best interest in mind. By making the most advanced technology available to 3PLs of any size, we are able to pass on those guiding principles that have helped us reach the top to our customers’ customers. That is why our technology is better.