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ACE Awards 2015

Arizona Corporate Excellence Awards

For the third year in a row, GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc. was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona, coming in 3rd behind Plexus Worldwide and Avella Specialty Pharmacy respectively.

Even though GlobalTranz has enjoyed their ranking for the last three years, their place in the top five was threatened by labor disputes in California earlier this year. “Being in the freight industry, we were hit pretty hard this year by the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach labor disputes. Containers from overseas were held up for months” – Andrew Leto, GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc.

It is a testament to the strength of their business model that the team at GlobalTranz continued to see their reach expand throughout the year despite those delays. One reason that they are able to handle the ups and downs of the freight business is because their services are sorely needed and widely used by businesses around the globe.

GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc. specializes in providing innovative solutions that support freight logistics companies in managing their shipments and their customers better and smarter. They pride themselves on being a one-stop shop for freight companies, offering advanced Transportation Management Systems to fit any size firm.

These tools put the power into the hands of even small startup freight businesses to compete with their national competitors. Shippers looking to reduce costs by returning fewer empty trucks to their warehouse can access the GlobalTranz database of over 20K network carriers.

In turn, shipments arrive quicker and delays are averted to provide the best overall customer service experience. The firm sees no limits to their business model and envisions even greater movement towards similar changes across the freight industry:

“Very soon, trucking will become ‘uberized’ – very much like taxis and executive cars have been. Shippers will have much more visibility into their freight movements. Right now most companies are blind to where their freight is once it leaves their docks” – Andrew Leto, GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc.

The ACE Awards are given to Arizona businesses each year based on a formula developed by the accounting firm of Clifton Larson Allen LLC. It uses a 500-point scale to rate each business based on growth and annual revenue.

No companies received a perfect score but Plexus Worldwide came closer than any other with a score of 489.9. GlobalTranz received a score of 474.95 based on its year-to-year growth.

In 2013 the top company was a Tuscon based investment firm. Last year the top company was Vemma Nutrition Co. This year’s ranking confirms the strength of GlobalTranz itself and its staying power.

As more and more of the freight industry continues to fragment into smaller more nimble networks of carriers, shippers, and freight agent brokers, GlobalTranz’ services will continue to be in high demand. Their continued efforts to improve their services by pushing the boundaries of what is possible nearly ensures that they will likely make the list again for the fourth year in a row.

About GlobalTranz

Founded in 2003, GlobalTranz is a privately held, Phoenix-based logistics company specializing in freight management services including LTL, Full Truckload, Supply Chain Management, and Domestic Air/Expedited shipping. Their team focuses on innovative technology and partnering with sales professionals that possess energy, insight and a fervent customer service mentality.

GlobalTranz has created a one-stop-shop for its customer base of over 25,000 shippers through providing Less-Than-Truckload, Full Truckload, Supply Chain and Expedited Services. In 2015, Transport Topics Announced GlobalTranz as the 14th Largest Freight Brokerage Firm in the US. GlobalTranz is a leading company in the $157 Billion Dollar third-party logistics industry, with annual revenue of $408M and growing every year. Led by Founder, Andrew Leto, GlobalTranz currently has 500+ employees and is growing rapidly.