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C & M Logistics


GlobalTranz is proud to honor C & M Logistics as the March 2015 Agency of the month.

Michael and Colin Perez (father and son, respectively) found themselves laid off in November of 2012 when IBC / Wonder Bread / Hostess Cake filed for bankruptcy. They had a relationship with a freight broker friend and immediately began working with his team. That agency joined the GlobalTranz family in March of 2013 and shortly after, in April of 2014, Michael and Colin started their own agency, C & M Logistics.

When asked what they find inspiring or motivating Colin said, “family, [and] the success of some other agencies, “ and Michael added saying, “family, learning new things, the ‘chase’ of new customers, [and] the opportunity to make my own success.”

Michael and Colin are poised for growth and have employed a winning team hungry for success.  They include : Lance Bartrum – a husband and father of two girls living in MI; Josh Young – a single father of a teenage boy in CO; Keith Lee – a husband with a baby living in CO.  All three agents are new since August of 2014. “We see the three new guys continuing to grow their business and succeeding to support their families. We expect to continue to learn and grow ours as well. We will be attending the convention again this year since last year’s was very informative.”

When asked what they are currently working on they stated, “Growing our customer base. We believe the best approach is a wide customer base no matter how large the customers are.” They utilize mostly LTL shipping services, however they do go after as much Truckload business as possible.  “Some periods we are 50/50 and that would be great [as a regular split between LTL and TL]. The TL team in AZ has helped us many times. They are terrific.”

Some words of wisdom from C & M Logistics:

Obstacles – “The biggest obstacle is picking up the phone. Sometimes it seems very heavy. But when we do, we have been very successful at finding new customers. This is what has gotten us to this point. All of our customers we have secured ourselves. Early on, the phone call seminars by Michael Leto were very helpful. We do follow his script.”

Colin: “ Whatever you can do to pick up the phone and make calls. Your next big customer could be the next call you make.”

Michael: “Keep your eyes on the prize. Whatever that is – the opportunity to work from home, the freedom to control your hours, the chance to build a long lasting business. With that in mind, do what Colin recommends. Making calls is how you make it in this business. If you do, you will.”
Keith: “Stay positive and continue to learn everyday.  I knew nothing about freight in the beginning, but as I gain more knowledge I feel my phone calls become more successful.” 

Colin grew up in Lafayette, Colorado in the same house where Michael still lives with his wife. He currently lives in Broomfield, CO ten minutes away. Michael was born in CT but has lived in Colorado since 1971. “I got here as quick as I could. Colorado is awesome.”

Both Colin and Michael enjoy traveling, stating their favorite destinations to be the mountains and Hawaii. They also enjoy spending time with their families, preferably outside.  Colin has a salt-water coral reef business with Allyson, his wife of four years ( is their website). He also likes snowboarding, basketball, and playing with his two boys, five and two years of age.  Michael enjoys playing with his grand boys, hiking, and biking with his wife, Patrice, of 33 years, as well as skiing, and spending time at their cabin in the mountains. 


Colin is one of those people who always helps out his friends and Michael is a volunteer victim’s advocate for the Boulder County Sheriffs Dept. He goes on scene to support victims of all kinds. He is on call one weekend a month from 6pm Friday to 6am Monday. “It can be very stressful but people are very thankful we were there at a very traumatic time. So that makes it worth it.”

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