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Please join the GlobalTranz family in congratulating Chris Herrmann as the April 2015 Agent of the Month.

Chris Herrmann literally married into the freight industry. He stated, “I was a client of and married into a Franchise group for a competing 3PL.”  He transitioned from software sales and support to transportation in 2005, giving him a strong background and now 10 years experience in the freight industry.

Chris is motivated by nothing less than his family and work itself saying, “ I find supporting my family and being excited about work on a daily basis to be both inspiring and motivating.”

As a recent January sign-up, and having just completed training in February, Chris has hit the ground running as a partner of GlobalTranz.  His team consists of two members; Chris handles the sales and acquisitions while his partner Eric Kennedy helps run the Freight Desk.

“We do all CS (customer service) in house – we are a virtual (distributed) office with an intelligent IP phone system. I would like to grow my book of business to the point that we are a Top 25 GTZ agency.  This will allow us to consolidate back into a physical office and grow our staff with additional sales personnel.”

When asked about projects in the works, he stated, “I am currently working on signing up a couple of large clients as well as the smaller ones we target on a daily basis. We actively work referrals and leads from our existing clients BOL’s.  We like to sell the fact that we can handle inbound shipments to our clients from their suppliers.”

Currently, Chris says that his agency has been focused on LTL services with a small amount of TL and Expedited.

Pointing to some obstacles that he has had to overcome, Chris says, “Transitioning from a competitor and learning the new SOP’s and software interfaces have been the biggest challenges.  The Corporate support from GTZ has been outstanding through the entire process…  I have found the entire GTZ system to be very supportive of my success.  If you have a question – do not be afraid to ask.  I am looking forward to the annual meeting in May – I hope to meet other Agents in the system and see what is working for them.”

Chris grew up in St. Louis, MO and studied Geology/Geography in college.  He moved to Augusta, GA in 1999 and has lived there ever since.

He prefers to travel and vacation with his family in the mountains where it is nice and cool.  They typically head north in the summertime to visit friends and family.

When asked about his hobbies, he stated, “We live on 20 acres outside of Augusta, GA with many small animals and lots of yard to keep up with… With three daughters my time is pretty booked up with activities and responsibilities.  I am an active Beekeeper and enjoy working with my hives and selling our honey to people in the local area. I like to spend time with my family and work outside on our small farm.”

Worldwide Express and GlobalTranz to Join Forces
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