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As we all start thinking about one of the great American three day holiday weekends, Labor Day, this weekend, we must take a moment to reflect on the issues that weigh heavy on the hearts of the economy, and more specifically, American Manufacturing. Labor Day is a holiday where all Americans have the chance to take some time off from their hard work, and relax. If you have a job, this day can bring about a much needed breath of fresh air. But what if you are one of the millions of unemployed Americans, or rather one of the unemployed former manufacturing workers? Recently Detroit, one of the great manufacturing cities in America, filed for bankruptcy. Detroit is the poster child of the affects of outsourcing manufacturing away from our country. However, we can’t simply put our hands up and say “That’s just the way it is.” We have to look Detroit in the face and say, “What can we do to help?”

The First Step to Fix a Problem is AWARENESS

ABC News did a great “Made In America” series to help bring awareness as well in 2011.  In October of that year, ABC News’ David Muir traveled to Bozeman, Montana to investigate a patriotic initiative gathering steam, or, as Diane Sawyer aptly put it, “a kind of road map to creating a quarter of a million jobs.” An economist turned builder, Anders Lewendal, is building an entire home made with only American-made materials and says that other builders should, too.

“Every nail, every screw, every piece of tape,” said Lewendal in the news clip. In total, there are more than 120 products from more than 33 states.

Lewendal claimed that if every builder bought only 5% more American-made building products, it would create 220,000 jobs. Economists interviewed by ABC asserted that his estimate is true.

Like many challenges or problems in life, the first step is awareness of the problem. One such documentary movie is doing its part to raise awareness of the affects of outsourcing on both American Manufacturing: American Made Movie. We recently sat down with the creators of the movie, and conducted a Q&A in order to learn more about the film and see where it is screening, but more importantly, share with our readers the importance of “Made In America” to create more American Manufacturing jobs. American Made Movie premiers tomorrow in Chicago and Atlanta, 8/30 and next Friday in New York and Alabama on, 9/6. Visit their website for all of the information on schedules, to see a trailer, and help spread awareness at Please view the trailer below, and read the Q&A below the trailer.

American Made Movie Trailer

American Made Movie a Q&A on the Film and Importance of “Made In USA” for American Manufacturing

Adam Robinson (AR): Give us a brief description of who the people are behind the “American Made Movie?

American Made Movie (AMM): Life is My Movie Entertainment produced this documentary.  All the info on filmmakers and interviewees can be found on the website:

AR: What is “American Made Movie?” all about?

AMM: The documentary really is the history and the present day story of what it is like for manufacturers to compete in a global economy, while calling the viewer to an understanding that we all have a relationship to manufacturing no matter if you realize it or not.

AR: What compelled you to make the film?

AAM: We have family that worked in manufacturing. Vincent’s wife has family that worked in Detroit, and my grandfather, father and uncles all worked in manufacturing in Georgia.

Life is My Movie Entertainment focuses on bringing important to topics to life and covering these issues in a way that is story driven – and not political. We give the viewer the knowledge, while also offering a practical call to action. We want our viewers to know they can do more than just complain about the problems in the country. – Nathan

Through making the documentary, we saw how consumer demand lead to companies and retailers meeting that demand. While the organic labeling isn’t perfect, it shows the difference that demand can make.

Organic labeling made us think about the Made in the USA label. We thought about a time not so far off in our own generations where lots of Americans were just starting to pay attention to the issue again. But, Made in the USA isn’t a dead label and in fact within a week of green lighting the film ABC’s Diane Sawyer was talking about Made In The USA on the evening news. – Vincent

AR: What do you hope to accomplish with this project?

AMM: We want the film to change the way that consumers think about the relationship they have with what they buy and the things that are made. There are people behind their products, and the impact on the manufacturing industry’s jobs would be huge if consumers looked locally, within their state, and nationally when they are out shopping for goods.

AR: What are some of the biggest issues facing American Manufacturers?

AMM: Outsourcing is a huge issue, but we really focus on the power of demand in the film. Because, as consumers we can all make a difference. If we demand more American made goods then manufacturing companies are going to listen as are politicians. The economy runs on supply and demand and the simplicity of that is really what we feel we can all do.

AR: What can American Manufacturing companies do to promote more “Made in USA?”

AMM: We think the power of the brand will make a huge difference in terms of raising demand. Why pay a celebrity millions of dollars when you can easily show that your company supports the American worker. While we don’t think the consumer should feel guilty about buying goods made in other countries, we believe that if the consumer were more aware of the impact that their spending could have on these companies we would see the American consumer step up to the plate and begin to champion these things.

AR: What can the average person do to promote more “Made in USA” and/or where can they go to find more info about “Made In The USA?”

AMM: It really starts with just looking on the shelf next to the product you normally buy. If consumers will know what they buy, buy where they live, and share with everyone they know, we can change this country!

american made movie busAR: Where can everyone go to see the film or get a copy of it?

AMM: Everyone can visit the website at for screening times and to pre-order the DVD. The film opens in theaters on August 30th in Chicago and Atlanta, September 6th in New York and LA, and will roll out to several cities coast to coast after that.

AR: What does the Future hold for you, the film, and what future projects do you have in the works?

AMM: We plan on continuing to make sure our audience is able to see the film and this issue is in the forefront in America. We have many projects in the works and you can check our website at and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated!

AR: Any last words?

AMM: Please be sure to visit our website at to check out showtimes and get more information about the film!

Cerasis is an American made company, who services american manufacturers. This Labor Day weekend, if you are in Chicago or Atlanta, we encourage you to see the film. In the least, pre-order the DVD as a gift for yourself or someone you love. When you are relaxing make sure you take a moment to think about how important all of our choices are to impact this country.