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Andrew Haines – Director of Managed and Innovative Services.

He received his bachelors degree from The Ohio State University.  In 2010 he decided he had enough with the mid-west winters and made his way to sunny Arizona and GlobalTranz.  Andrew joined the GTZ family to work on the software development for GlobalNet (R.I.P. GNet) and soon found himself taking over the EDI department to improve our EDI dispatching, tracking, and invoicing processes.  Over the last 12 months GlobalTranz has built a division dedicated to the integration services that we can provide your agency, your customers, and our carriers. Managed and Innovative Services is this division, Managed Services is our current suite of integration capabilites and Innovative Services is development that is taken up to integrate to a customers specific need which will eventually become a Managed Service.  Andrew will be presenting for the Managed and Innovative Services group, topics to be covered will be everything from EDI to API, Truckload, LTL, case studies, customer integration engagement, integration for invoicing, and most importantly how can integration with a customer increase your revenues.