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How do I Optimize My Social Media Engagement?

No business today is going to thrive by refusing to get on social media. Even if it seems like child’s play (and frankly in a lot of ways it is) it is a tremendous business tool if used properly. That is no less true for a freight agent. However, just being on social media is one thing; knowing how to use it is another. Want to know how to be an engaged freight agent on social media? Keep reading.

The Right Social Media Platforms for Freight Agents

Did you know that there is a social media platform called that has over 31 million users made up of strictly academicians and researchers? If you were interested in networking with college professors and researchers you would certainly know about that site and find it very useful.

In the same way, understanding how and what to post on your different social media platforms is just as important as which was to have. As a freight agent, certain types of social media sites work better than others.

To decide which platforms work best you must first think about the type of content that you have to share and which platforms cater to that content. For instance, on LinkedIn, you post your resume, you can create a blog on your LinkedIn page, and you can connect with past and current colleagues and associates.

Your posts will likely not be as regular as say on Facebook where nearly all of its more than a billion users login to their Facebook page every day. On that platform pictures and videos with a little bit of intro text get the most attention. Videos tend to produce more shares and shorts that include a trending hashtag spread the farthest. With that said here are the top social media platforms for freight agents:


Your Facebook page enables you to accrue a following that will likely follow you to your website. The trick is to post at regular enough intervals to keep your followers engaged but not to flood their newsfeeds with your posts. Your posts must also be succinct yet engaging enough to make your Facebook visitors click on the link to your freight agent website.


Instagram is a site devoted to providing a place for users to share interesting photos and videos with each other. Directly from their phones and tablets, users snap funny, cool, or interesting pictures with a catchy headline. Businesses typically share photos that highlight a recent website post with a link that leads back to their website.


For businesses like a freight agency, Twitter is a great way to promote an event, promotion, or news release. Using a hashtag or linking your tweets to a trending hashtag is the best way to make sure that your tweet gets seen by a larger number of people.


Pinterest is another photo sharing platform that uses very few characters. This a good platform to use to help cross promote with your agency partners. Share photos of you networking with your fellow agents or you receiving your certification with an interesting but short photo caption.


More and more businesses are harnessing the power of video to attract business to their websites. YouTube is the most widely used video sharing platform. You can create a free YouTube channel and amass a following that will likely follow your website link too. Share videos of a day in the life of a freight agent or an entertaining animated cartoon of the logistics process.


When you want to network professionally, your LinkedIn account is the best place to show off your experience and expertise. Your resume highlights your past experience and your status updates can be used to keep people informed of what you are doing now.

How To Post

A good tip for how to craft your posts on these different websites is to think about your audience first. Most Twitter users are between 18 and 45. Your posts should be targeted to be relevant to the crowd you are trying to reach. LinkedIn users are the oldest of all users and Instagram users are the youngest but the biggest sharers.

As a shipper if one of your pages gave people a place to vent, you could attract a lot of interesting traffic and it will help guide your thought process for future posts. This can help you craft the kind of content for your website that will attract new clients with this social media strategy.

What to Post

Remember to keep your audience in mind. You have to post as a human being on social media sites so don’t be afraid to post as your team. Make your content sharable which means always include an image or a video with your social media posts.

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