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The mass adoption of autonomous driving will happen in autonomous trucks well before self-driving cars because of the prominence of highway driving and the repeatable and predictable routes. The benefit of self-driving trucks will be increased road safety, decreased transportation costs, and reduced carbon emissions – and that is what drives us every day.

We will conduct the webinar on December 4th at 3 PM CST.

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In this 60-minute webinar co-sponsored by TuSimple, the only self-driving truck company capable of driving from depot-to-depot without human intervention needed and Cerasis, a leading North American 3PL focused on over-the-road transportation management solutions company shippers will learn about the state of autonomous freight trucks.

Who should Register for this Webinar on Autonomous Freight Trucks?

This webinar is perfect for those in the supply chain & freight industries looking to understand the state of autonomous trucks and how they will impact the future of freight. In the webinar the TuSimple & Cerasis team will cover:

  • What is the state of Autonomous Freight Trucks?
    What are the challenges in adoption?
  • How are Autonomous Freight Trucks different than self-driving cars and electric vehicles?
  • What does the Autonomous Freight Truck market look like today?
  • What will the future of freight look like with the mass adoption of Autonomous Freight Trucks?
  • What will be the impact of Autonomous Freight Trucks on the truck driver community?
  • How will Autonomous Freight Trucks impact freight operations?

We hope you enjoy this educational webinar on Autonomous Freight Trucks.