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Benefits of a 3PL Go Beyond Saving Money on Transportation Costs

Shippers of all sizes are increasingly turning to Managed Transportation Services providers to help them reduce total landed costs, create standardization and visibility, and drive efficiencies. 

Iconex is the world’s leading provider of receipt and innovative label solutions for the retail, restaurant and banking industries. In 2017, Iconex acquired two companies and was seeking to fully integrate them with the core business. It became clear that in order to fully merge the businesses, Iconex would need to unify their approach to transportation and logistics. 

In this case study, Chris Cunnane, Senior Research Analyst at ARC Advisory Group, discusses Iconex’s logistics challenges with Kim Harper-Gage, Iconex’s Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations. Iconex’s search for a logistics partner ultimately led them to GlobalTranz, and a Managed Transportation Services solution, including implementation of GlobalTranz’s custom TMS technology. 

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