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This is a guest post from ERP solutions provider and implementation company, Global Shop Solutions who is exhibiting at Eastec in West Springfield, MA next week.

Top 5 Benefits of ERP Systems

An integrated ERP system can provide immeasurable benefits to a business.  However, there are also a slew of measurable and noticeable benefits as well, including:

  • Increased efficiency — Through providing more shop floor visibility, employees and employers can decrease red time and make sure that clocked-in employees are always working on the right job.
  • Decreased costs — A fully integrated ERP system reduces overhead costs by streamlining many of the processes a job goes through from beginning to completion.
  • Paperless operations — Having every file/document at your fingertips in the system and accessible from every station eliminates the need for printing and wasted papers.
  • Better-informed decisions — Total shop floor visibility gives users a bird’s eye view of every aspect of business processes.
  • Better inventory management — Assigning a part number or barcode to every component of a finished product and the product itself allows users to see where every piece came from, where it is, and, where it’s needed in real-time.

3 Criteria to Consider When Implementing an ERP System


But, these are just things that come standard with a lot of ERP systems so, why Global Shop Solutions?

Anyone evaluating ERP should consider the following three criteria, all of which come standard when you become a Global Shop customer.

  1. Ease of Use. How long will it take your users to learn the system? Will you need to bring out a consultant for training every time someone else needs to learn the system or can your employees teach each other? With Global Shop your employees become the experts.
  2. Technology. Many systems require you to start over with their implementation. Our system will integrate well with your current setup and, allow you to simply transfer the data into Global Shop.
  3. Company Stability. There’s nothing worse than building a relationship with a company and its employees only to have them be bought out or sold. Global Shop is a family owned company nearing its 40th anniversary and has an employee base with a history of long employment tenures. 

Since 1976, Global Shop Solutions has been providing customers with full visibility of parts, inventory and materials from the time they enter the shop, to the time they leave. Global Shop customers have always had the security of knowing that they are operating at maximum efficiency from the beginning to the end of a job.

If you’re attending the Eastec tradeshow in West Springfield, MA, you have the opportunity to see for yourself just how powerful the Global Shop One-System ERP Solutions™ (Booth #5632) are, and the potential for bringing all of that power and control to your business.