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The Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received from Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Manufacturing Professionals

When Best Laid Plans Surprise the HECK Out of You!

best-business-adviceAbout a month ago I started a project to gather business advice and put it into a booklet or document in order to motivate my employees in the spirit of continuous improvement in order to achieve our 10 year revenue growth goals. I wanted to make sure they felt like they were a part of this grand plan, meaning I wanted to motivate them with the advice so they stayed sharp, focused, and felt ownership in the plan. As I have been more active in LinkedIn over the last 6 months, and have joined and engaged in almost 50 groups made up of some of the best in the world around Supply Chain, Transportation, Freight, Manufacturing and Logistics, I thought to myself, “I bet if I ask all of these folks, they surely will have some great business advice I can share with my team!” What I didn’t know was that when I posted the question “What is the Best Business Advice You have ever received?” in these groups that I would get back over 350 replies! I tried to respond to all and add my two cents, and at times I was overwhelmed in replying, but felt a duty to thank everyone for the great advice! I can sense the passion in EACH AND EVERY ONE of the LinkedIn members in the groups I am a part of!

So, with such a great response, I felt that sharing ONLY to my internal team was not fair to the rest of the world. Why not show off this amazing crowdsourced project with not only the world, but also those who contributed to the advice with their own comments by redistributing the blog post back into those LinkedIn Groups!  I also wanted to credit everyone, and where possible, put a link to their profile, company website, or twitter handle.

Best Business Advice Ever Received

With all that said, below please find the first 10 pieces of advice. I will put in 20 at a time in subsequent posts to keep the momentum going! Make sure you leave YOUR best business advice in the comments at the bottom of the blog. Without further ado, here we go:


“Those that never dream, never have a dream come true” Author Unknown

“Our ship came in but we were at the airport!” Author Unknown

And from her grandmother: “Debbie darling, never complain about your day because you never know what will happen tomorrow. You may wish to have that day again & it may have been the bestof day your life…”

Debbie Mintz, Dynamic, Unique, Professional Business Advisor & Tactical Sales/Marketing Strategist Since 1998


“You may have invented the most wanted tool or system for the industry and you have proven it and it is going to be the next leading edge of cutting technology for tomorrow, still you have to wait for the Time”

Bob Matthew, CEO, Quality Engineering Management Inc.


“Tell your customer truthfully what you can do, and then do it. Have the utmost integrity in word and deed.”

Larry Rasche, Independent Transportation/Trucking/Railroad Professional


“Learn to be a good listener.”

Richard Romero, Managing Director at Veros Consulting


“Do what you love and love what you do.”

Robert E. Bobo, Procurement, Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing Leadership Professional


“Education, Education, Education.”

Richard Small, Accomplished professional versed within Manufacturing Operations, Materials & Supply Chain in search of employment


“Have fun and the money will come!”

Ian Strachan, President at MGA SA Pty Ltd


1) When you’re in a “Pit with a Lion”, go after the lion…………author Mark Batterson

2) A man’s got to know his limitations……..Dirty Harry, Magnum Force

3) Don’t worry about what happened……’s in the past!………..Lion King

Robert Novak, Owner – Nova Industrial Supply and Equipment


“Do not just report a problem but to actually execute the solution. Reporting issues is the first piece of problem solving. Working as a team to analyze, discuss, brainstorm, and then execute the resolution is what will ultimately lead to success in all of your day to day business needs.”

Jason Yager, Transportation Supervisor at Sysco, @Sysco_Corp


“Sometimes you learn from your mistakes, but if you keep your ears open you can learn from other’s misakes as well – an older business owner once told me “The hardest ship to keep afloat is a partnership” ”

Mike England, President at DOT Compliance Help@DOT_Compliance


I will start putting new pieces of business advice out every few days, so make sure you subscribe to this blog, or “Like” us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn to keep up with the great advice!

All the best, and may we all prosper.

Steve Norall, Vice President of Business Development, Cerasis, @Cerasis