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In our last top 10 blog posts of 2013, we bring you the top 10 best business blogs from the Cerasis blog. Although we tend to stick to manufacturing, supply chain, freight, logistics, technology and transportation, it’s also important for any organization to understand how you can grow your business by putting out content that adds value to all readers of the Cerasis blog. Our goal in 2014 is to continue to bring you content in the way of business development. We will talk about some of the business development we do at Cerasis, such as our leadership development program we use through a guide book by Gino Wickman, called traction, how we create a better culture of collaboration at Cerasis through the use of the “FISH!” program, and how we are contributing to the betterment of our customers business through case studies. Feel free to let us know int he comments below what are the best business blogs you read, so we may glean some insights to research and bring to our readers.

Lastly, thank you for reading our content here on the Cerasis blog in 2013. We value each and everyone one of our 15,000 monthly readers. It’s been fun, and to look back and see we published over 200 blogs in the year (and that was only since May of 2013) is something we are proud of. We like to take some time to give a special thanks to Charles “Chuck” Intrieri, Chris Napier, Mario K. Castillo, Adrian Chen, Sandy Miller of  J.W. Surety Bonds, Chad Campbell of Silver Light, Cathy Morrow Roberson, Mark Lerner of Oktopost, Jermey Halcomb Globalshop ERP, Maria Puig of Arpco Transport, Elaine Spitz of Liberty Packaging, Heather Montiero of Georgia Southern , Sandy Mantalbano and Harry Moser of Reshore Now, Carly Rowe of 2930 Creative, Jude Watkins of Ameriloop, Marc Bissonnette of Canadian ISP, Matt Edwards of Progressive Automations, Randi Waltuck of International Customs Consulting, Stephanie Chang of Distilled, and Sunil Gulati of Technicolor for all your contributions as guest bloggers on the Cerasis blog! Here is to a prosperous 2014 for us all!

The Top 10 Best Business Blogs of 2013

The following are the top 10 best business blogs of 2013 by page views. Again, we welcome your feedback in the comments below on what are your favorite. Without futher ado, here they are:

  1. Understanding The Pareto Principle and How to Get Things Done in Business: Logistics and freight management are a fast paced world. There are a lot of factors in your supply chain to consider in order for it to stay optimized and healthy? So how does one keep up with all the tasks so there are tangible returns on investments from the activities around these complex industries? Often, The Pareto Principle is used as a way to get complex projects done. It’s often called the “80/20″ rule.  Read more.
  2. What are The Elements of a SWOT Analysis? A SWOT analysis is key when shaping your company value statements & for marketing. Learn the elements of a swot analysis in this post. Read more.
  3. Manufacturing LinkedIn: The Top Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, and Freight Groups on LinkedIn: As I have been more active on LInkedIn, I feel I have found some of the best LinkedIn Groups for Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, and Freight professionals. Read more.
  4. best business blogs 20136 Effective Problem Solving Steps for Logistics, Supply Chain, Business, or Life in General: If you are facing a problem in business, logistics, supply chain, or anything, these 6 problem solving steps create sustainable solutions. Read more.
  5. Voice of The Customer: 4 Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them: In Six Sigma they talk about developing Voice of the Customer or VOC. Here are 4 common mistakes made & how to avoid them. Read more.
  6. The Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received from Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation, and Manufacturing Professionals: Read a crowdsourced from LinkedIn list of the best business advice ever received as told by professionals in the supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, freight, and transportation industries. Read more.
  7. The Importance of A Value Proposition Statement for your Business and How to Write One: A strong value proposition statement speaks directly to your target audience and it tells them exactly why they should purchase your products and services. Read more.
  8. Leads & Brand Awareness For B2B Manufacturers with Social Media: If you are a manufacturer, you are typically a B2B company. Social media manufacturing may not be your expertise, but it’s vital for success Read more.
  9. What is the Skills Gap and The Impact on Manufacturing and the Economy: Do you know what is the skills gap in manufacturing? Learn about the affect of the skills gap & the affect on the economy in this post. Read more.
  10. Social Media for Industrial Companies: A Q&A With Social Trade Network Startup IndustryHuddle: Social media for industrial companies to network with your peers & potential customers: Check out this Q&A with Industry Huddle. Read more.

Thank you again from everyone at Cerasis for following our best business blogs and all of our blogs for that matter. Make sure you browse around and read some past posts. Be on the lookout in 2014 for more content such as blogs, video, white papers, case studies and more!