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Freight agents enjoy many things about being a freight broker; independence, control over your schedule, unlimited earnings potential, and a future that looks brighter than ever. Yet, the best thing about being a freight broker (based on what brokers themselves say) may surprise you.

The Role of a Freight Broker

At its core, the role of a freight broker is to hook up someone looking to move goods or products somewhere with someone looking to take goods and products to a specific location. The freight broker coordinates the best route using the carrier that will get the goods there on time.

In order to do a good job, you have to first know how to get the goods there on time and two have a connection with the best carriers to get it there. Some shipments are easier to manage than others.

Sometimes you will need to coordinate shipments that will travel over land, over sea, and by air. It can be a fast-paced pressure-packed job. Businesses and people up and down the supply chain are depending on you to fulfill your part of the process and preferably ahead of schedule.

Unlimited Earnings Potential

What first attracts people to a career as a freight broker, besides the freedom of being your own boss, is the unlimited earnings potential. Generally speaking, brokers start out making anywhere from between $30K per year all the way up to $90K per year.

According to one survey of freight brokers, the average salary in 2015 for a freight broker is just over $41K. Unless you work for a brokerage, you will likely pay for your own health insurance, business licensing and insurance costs. The same study found that:

  • Most freight brokers were happy with their job.
  • Commission makes up less than a third of a freight broker’s total salary.
  • More than a quarter of brokers receive no benefits.
  • Where you work as a freight broker affects how much you earn on average.

The average freight broker earns at or near the national average income. Add to that fact that many are able to work from home. And if you are part of a brokerage like GlobalTranz where you can build equity in your own freight business while working for the company, you have the joy of building your own business and growing your experience at the same time.

Outlook Looks Bright

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that freight agent and broker jobs will grow by nearly 30% over the next 5 years; faster than most other careers. That is in part due to the rapid increase in online businesses and online shopping. In fact, the demand for direct-to-customer shipping is expected to nearly quadruple by the end of 2015.

Just think of all of the products and goods that consumers buy online these days. Then add to that the number of business-to-business shipments that go out all day every day. All signs point to those numbers steadily increasing for the foreseeable future.

The Best Thing about Being a Freight Agent…

And the best thing about being a freight agent is being a problem solver. Your clients grow to depend on you. When you are the best word gets around. Carriers, shippers, and businesses start to seek you out to help solve their toughest logistics problems.

It is this type of personality that typically does the best as a freight broker. You like it when you are juggling several balls at the same time. You love the action-packed nature of logistics and you love being able to figure out solutions.

If this sounds like you, then a career as a freight broker may be right up your alley. The best news is that it is easier than ever to break into the industry and GlobalTranz has the software programs to help you compete with the big wigs.

How to Become a Freight Broker

At GlobalTranz, we are leaders in the freight industry at coming up with innovative solutions that make transportation management and customer service easier and smarter. Just last month GlobalTranz ranked third on the ACE Awards’ list of the fastest growing companies in the State of Arizona and the 13th largest company by revenue.

Our products include everything that you need as a novice freight broker to build a world class, competitive freight business. Learn all about our Freight Agent Opportunity Program and then contact us for more information about how to become a freight broker with GlobalTranz.