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Editor’s Note: This post is for all those out there who most of the economy depends on: Truckers. As a third party logistics company who focuses on motor freight transportation management, our select carrier partners are our life blood. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business and shippers couldn’t get their shipments from suppliers or send shipments to customers. This post of the best truck stops in the US will also appeal to anyone who loves the open road! We hope you enjoy!

Top 5 Best Truck Stops in The United States

Truckers don’t have it easy. They spend a lot of time away from home, long hours on the road with nobody to keep them company, and need to be constantly on alert due to the nature of the work. Proper rest is vital for truckers and that’s what truck stops are for.

Many truck stops are just ordinary rest areas, where they can refresh by having some food and coffee. Others, however, realize that truckers need a lot more than just that for a proper rest, as they constantly lack many of the conveniences and entertainment people enjoy in towns and cities. These truck stops have come up with awesome and creative ways to bring more people. With this in mind, let’s look at the 5 best trucking stops in the U.S.

#1 Iowa 80

best truck stop iowa 80

The holder of the title “World’s Largest Truck Stop” was recently awarded yet another one to add to their name. This time the same stop was given the prestigious “Coolest Truck Stop in America” award and our first in our top 5 list of the best truck stops in the United States.

Located in Walcott, IA, Iowa 80 has been functioning since the 60s, when I-80 wasn’t even finished yet. Initially just a small building, the truck stop was purchased by a trucking enthusiast who gradually expanded it. Today it has a huge restaurant, dentist, barber, chiropractor, workout room, laundry facilities, and a trucking museum. And that is not even half of all this truck stop has to offer.

The popularity of the truck stop and its products and services led to the creation of the Iowa 80 Catalog, which allows drivers to order items from the truck stop either online or by phone even if their route doesn’t pass through there.

#2 South of the Border

South of the Border, as much a truck stop as a tourist attraction is located near Hamer, SC.

It started out as just a beer stand in 1949, but similarly to Iowa 80, it expanded over the years. First there was a drive-in, then a 20-room motel, the truck stop added more and more facilities to become what it is today – “a little town within itself” – with a golf course, a reptile lagoon, an amusement park for kids, and a 200-foot high Sombrero Observation Tower. There is even a wedding chapel for those feeling spontaneous.

As far as accommodations go, truckers can choose between an inn with swimming pools, and a sauna with locker rooms and showers, or a campsite equipped with, among other things, some great grills for the summer, making it another great stop as you seek out the best truck stops.

#3 Jubitz Travel Plaza

Who said truckers can’t enjoy a little luxury? Definitely not the Jubitz Travel Plaza near Portland, OR (Exit 307 on the I-5 if I have to be more precise.)

This truck stop offers rooms with Jacuzzi hot tubs and first-class service, while the Cascade Grill Restaurant is open 24/7 and offers many fine dining options. But don’t worry, there are budget options as well. And if you need entertainment, the Ponderosa lounge has live music on weekends along with pool tables, arcade games, big screen TVs broadcasting sports – a little of everything really.

Parking is ample, has 24 hours of security, and offers free Wi-Fi. There’s also a smaller premium parking lot where trailer drops and wheel polishing are allowed.

#4 Little America

best truck stop little america
Little America

The Little America truck stop, located in Flagstaff, AZ, is another truck stop famous for the many amenities it provides.

Because it’s not designed solely as a truck stop, but more of a getaway resort surrounded by a beautiful pine tree forest, Little America also provides a luxury hotel experience for those who want it. Drivers get special room rates and for just $10 you can have a private shower as well. The Little America Grill, the truck stop’s restaurant, is famous for its tasty home-cooked burgers, so be sure to check it out.

Apart from that, there are the usual amenities which you expect in a good truck stop, such as garage services, a service station, and a travel center open 24/7.

#5 Highlands PETRO

Located on Hwy 94 & Hwy 20, near Racine, WI, Highlands PETRO has everything you need to rest comfortably after a long day of travel.

You can give your back a treat for just $25 by going to the in-house chiropractor, who’s also licensed to give DOT medical physicals. You don’t even need to make an appointment! If you are longing for some home-style cooking, the Iron Skillet, the restaurant of Highlands PETRO, will give you just that. According to the website, the restaurant “is consistently voted America’s #1 Choice for Home-style Cooking by professional drivers.”

Additional amenities include a movie theater, showers, an Internet room, and even a hair salon if you feel like too much time on the road is taking a toll on your hair.


If you’re a trucker, I hope your route passes through one of these five best truck stops so you can feel the difference. Have you been to one of them? Do you have your own favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.