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Insight on Driving Bottom Line Savings from a Small After-Market Blade Manufacturer in a Big Wire Processing Industry

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Whether you’re a small business or a big company, driving bottom line savings without infringing on quality is always a factor considered in making decisions. Even small decisions, like what blade manufacturer to buy your wire processing machine’s cutting and stripping blades from can have a huge impact on your company’s bottom line. This is especially true when you are dealing with products purchased on a somewhat regular basis.

That being said, this post isn’t simply about why choosing after-market wire processing blades from a small manufacturer lowers your bottom line. Rather, it is about making decisions, even the small ones, in a way that drives bottom line savings so you can use the money you saved to reinvest in the company you’re so passionate about: your own.  Making these right decisions can save more than just money. A little research now can save time, energy, and unwanted headaches later.

Choosing Small Business to Drive Bottom Line Savings

Many companies are hesitant when it comes to considering a small business as a solution to lowering costs. While recently attending this year’s Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, we spoke with many small business owners and large corporation representatives who unexpectedly stumbled upon our booth at the show. Most were shocked that a product made in America could be the most economical solution.

There are a few common questions we hear from prospective customers when they first approach us to buy after-market blades over the original equipment manufacturer’s comparative product.

blade-manufacturerWhat will I be sacrificing to save money? In one word: Nothing! Saving money is often wrongly associated with sacrificing quality. However, in today’s technologically advanced world this isn’t always true. Often, by choosing to purchase from a small business over a large one, you will notice positive impacts in your checkbook.  Small businesses are usually able to fulfill your needs at a lower cost simply due to having a lower overhead.

In the wire processing industry, this means choosing after-market wire processing blades can save time and money. Especially since most buyers of after-market blades proclaim that they last as long as, or longer than the more costly alternatives. Having to replaces the blades less often can reduce time spent ordering and replacing the blades, as well as, the total amount of money spent on blades.

What will I be gaining from choosing a small business? Everything! Okay, well maybe not everything, but it sure can be a lot. Working with a small business is almost always easier because there are fewer places in the supply chain for complications to occur. Often, you’re dealing directly with the person who will invoice, package, and ship your order. As far as customer service, it means you will be working closely with someone who knows your order very well. It also means that turnaround time is often shorter, so you’re getting what you need sooner.

When it comes to after-market blades, being able to work more closely with the supplier is important when customizing radius, or coated titanium blades. The ease of directly working with the producer can save your company time and the headache of having to go through trial and error to get the product needed.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of choosing a small company to provide parts may also be an over looked cost saving opportunity. If you can save 40-60% each time you buy replacement parts and those parts last longer, therefore needing replaced less often, this can have an immense impact on your company’s bottom line savings. Making a small change like taking advantage of the price, customer service, and convenience benefits a small business offers can increase working capital and unlock opportunities for your company.

At JWB Manufacturing, LLC., your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our low overhead allows us to keep our prices down, and our small team of machinists that produce our blades right here in the U.S. allow us to provide the highest quality wire cutting and stripping blades. What tactics does your company use to drive bottom line savings? Does it involve using a small business as a solution? Please join the discussion and leave a comment below!