National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is always one of GlobalTranz’ favorite weeks of the year and this year was no different.  It is one week out of the year where we, as an industry, can step forward to thank the 3.5 million men and women who we are proud to call professional truck drivers for the work they do.

It was our privilege to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation this week by visiting several major truck stops across the country. Throughout the week, GlobalTranz employees had the pleasure of meeting over 200 drivers in person to express our gratitude and hand out gift cards. It was a rewarding experience getting to know some of the unsung heroes of our industry.

The appreciation was especially felt by a few drivers whose reactions were truly touching.  One driver, for example, was having some financial hardship was moved to tears, replying “Thank you so much, GlobalTranz is a true blessing! Another driver told us, “This is so nice, are you hiring?! If GlobalTranz treats drivers you don’t even know this well, I bet you treat your own employee’s great!”

The excitement and gratitude shared by these drivers is a great reminder of the importance and appreciation we can all share with our nation’s truck drivers.

Additional activities for the week

We close out a great week by once again thanking our truck drivers and the thousands of carrier partners that work in partnership with GlobalTranz every day to keep our nation’s freight moving forward.

We encourage our customers, partners, and colleagues to check out more pictures from the week on GlobalTranz’ LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.