In spite of the rapid adoption of TMS (transportation management system) technology in the past five years, there may still be some independent freight agents that have yet to make the jump to this helpful software. Once only employed by shippers and companies with deep pockets, lower costs and wide-spread cloud access have transformed this benefit-ladened software into an essential tool that’s accessible to all.  

Today’s competitive freight business owners depend on modern TMS technology to help solve logistics problems for its customers. At the same time, a TMS will help you reduce overhead costs, find new revenue sources and become more nimble.  

Here’s a breakdown of the TMS’s top five benefits for independent freight agents: 

  1. Provides Big Data Analytics, Which Helps You Make Smarter Decisions and Grow Faster

TMS software can harness the power of big data, which helps you discover insights about your business. You can use this data to make faster and smarter decisions that solve complex logistics problems for your customers. These tools will help you win more business and grow faster. 

  1. Streamlines Your Operations While Increasing Net Profits

From fees and tariffs to damage claims, freight agents must deal with scores of data points for each shipment. A TMS with advanced AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities will optimize carrier selection, rating, routing and help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective routes for your customers. You won’t waste time manually inputting data and updating shippers on shipment status as a TMS will automate manual processes. The result: you’ll reduce overhead and increase net profits. Additionally, by giving your customers a shipper TMS like GlobalTranz’s GTZship™, you’ll empower them with full control and transparency into their shipments. 

  1. Improves Your Cash Flow Management

Some freight agents outsource the financial management functions of their business to a third party rather than risk mismanaging their financials. However, with the right TMS software, you can manage your own financial functions. The right software, such as GlobalTranz’s GTZcommand™, will help you invoice shippers, pay carriers and process insurance claims all yourself. You can accomplish it all through a single interface while producing informative, detailed reports to share with your customers.  

  1. Improves Customer Service and Retention

When you provide consistent, excellent service, customer retention improves sharply. Customer churn is expensive, and a robust TMS will help you drive efficiency into your customers’ supply chains and overall cost savings. GlobalTranz’s TMS, for instance, helps you surpass your customers’ expectations with total control tower visibility. Your customers get real-time carrier capacity, rate information and tracking which results in the right carriers being paired with your customers’ loads every time.  

  1. Improves Business Planning

Author Alan Lakein famously said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” And whether you’re a solo freight agent or run a business with other employees, you need to plan. The good news is a TMS can provide you with all the data you need to forecast, plan and grow your freight business. Harness the information that’s in the system to help you better manage your agency, quarter-to-quarter, year-to-year. 


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