Whitney Phipps
As the new year brings numerous possibilities and opportunities, we’d like to pause for just a moment here at GlobalTranz to honor one of our most valued partnerships and name Whitney Phipps our January 2015 Agent of the Month.


Originally recruited by a competitor, Whitney decided that he wanted to operate his own business and purchased two GlobalTranz franchises.  He dedicated his time and attention to focusing on growing his knowledge base and learning the business.  “I was helped a great deal by Paul Wasulko, another GTZ owner who had extensive freight knowledge and was always willing to listen and provide advice,” says Whitney.


Whitney Phipps entered the freight industry on July 16Th, 2007 spending the entire eight years partnering with GlobalTranz.



When asked about his team, he stated, “a team is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal(s).  Though my immediate team is made up of three individuals, including myself, there are countless others at the Corporate office that play a significant role in the success of the business and who I would consider part of my team.” 


Customer service is top priority for Whitney and his team works around the clock, “three of us total as myself, Amy and Danielle all provide customer service to our accounts. I constantly receive emails from accounts lauding the level of service that they’ve been provided and I am extremely proud of each of them, both professionally and personally.”



Here are some words of wisdom directly from Mr. Phipps:



Whitney is from a small town called Tabor City, NC. “Most would know the surrounding tourist areas better since it is situated between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC. I actually now live in North Myrtle Beach, SC.”  He enjoys travel to Beaufort/Charleston, SC; Outer Banks of NC (ECU Grad-Go Pirates).  His hobbies include Basketball, Boating/Fishing, Watching: Braves baseball, Redskins football (and yes, it’s tough).  “In addition to my hobbies, I also work with Alzheimer/Dementia related charities to honor the memory of my Mom. I also spend time with Tara, my girlfriend, as well as, Jack, my 3 lb. chocolate Chihuahua.”