PHOENIX, AZ – May 4, 2017 – GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven freight management solution provider, today announced the recipients of its annual Transportation Carrier Awards, honoring carriers for their performance in 2016. GlobalTranz presented the awards last week at its Freight Agent Conference in front of a record audience of nearly 300 freight agents, carriers, technology partners and investors.

GlobalTranz has an extensive network of over 14,000 truckload (TL) and 120 less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. Thirteen of these carriers were specifically recognized with awards, including:

“We are extremely pleased to be able to recognize the standout performance of these strategic carrier partners,” said Dave Bush, senior vice president of carrier relations for GlobalTranz. “Carrier relationships and capacity are absolutely critical to market leadership in the freight brokerage industry, and we look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen these relationships for our mutual success.”

About GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz is a technology-driven freight brokerage company specializing in LTL, full truckload, third-party logistics and expedited shipping services. GlobalTranz is leading the market in innovative logistics technology that optimizes the efficiency of freight movement and matches shipper demand and carrier capacity in near real-time. Leveraging its extensive freight agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 25,000 shippers. In 2017, Transport Topics ranked GlobalTranz as the 13th largest freight brokerage firm in the U.S. For more information, visit permissible-script.flywheelsites.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @globaltranz.


Customers do not like poor service. A bad customer experience can ruin a business’s reputation and drive loyal customers away. In fact, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience. So it’s important to be aware of how you’re treating clients, handling complaints and establishing lines of communication throughout your customer’s journey.

By 2020, customer experience will bypass product and price as the number one brand differentiator.[1] Consumers not only want more, they expect more from the companies and services they purchase, which means it’s time to look under the hood and evaluate how you are approaching customer service.

According to a study conducted by Bain & Company, 80% of CEOs believe they deliver superior customer service, but only 8% of their customers agree. That’s quite a disconnect, and it’s proof that customer expectations have dramatically risen over the years. Far past what business leaders realize.

In the shipping and logistics industry, transparency and communication are essential to success. Whether you’re a freight agent or carrier, your customers depend on you to get their cargo where it needs to be.

If a retailer is out of snow shovels two days before the biggest snow storm of the season and is relying on your services to get their order from the warehouse to the store in time, it’s a safe bet that they want to know what is happening with the order every step of the way. Smart freight agents leverage logistics technology and freight brokerage platforms that give them the information and real-time updates needed to move and track shipments with confidence and ease.

Agents can easily accept an order, quote freight rates, dispatch pickups, forecast weather and transit times, connect the shipper with a reliable and trustworthy carrier and track shipments in real time. Carriers can quickly pick up cargo and transport it to its final destination in the quickest, safest and most effective way. If something were to go wrong, freight agents know what has happened and what led to that situation. If a shipper calls to check in on transit progress, freight agents can give them an answer in a matter of minutes. And, if there’s a hiccup in the backend with invoicing and billing, agents have all the client’s information available at their fingertips so they can resolve the issue quickly.

It is amazing what technology can do to improve the effectiveness of your business, but customer service goes far beyond that. People trust people, not brands, and this should be something you keep in the back of your mind as you establish yourself as a freight agent.

Communication and transparency are key; technology is just there to make it easier for you to achieve those goals. Customers don’t want to spend too much time on the phone trying to deal with an issue, and they certainly don’t want to be consumed dealing with nonsensical policies that make doing business difficult or impossible. As you build your freight agent business, think about how you can weave communication and transparency through every step of the customer journey – from the resources and information located on your website and marketing materials, to how you answer the phone when a client makes an inquiry or complaint. These are all important things to think about.

Customer loyalty can change in the blink of an eye. But with the right technology and communication protocols in place, you can rest easy knowing your clients will continue to depend on you to move their shipments because you’re someone they can trust.

If you want to know more about building your freight business, check out our blog post “7 Tips for Freight Agent Marketing.” If you really want to take your freight management business to the next level and are not already affiliated with GlobalTranz, take a few minutes to explore the benefits of our freight agent program or reach out to one of our specialists who can help you implement the right technology and programs to boost your business and customer success today.

[1] “Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience Report,” Walker Research


It’s no secret that many carriers see freight brokers as a necessary evil, a roadblock keeping them from working directly with the shipper to move cargo. Without context, you can see why that assumption is often made. What’s the point of a freight broker if the shipper can just pick up the phone and call the carrier to schedule a shipment? Well, this situation isn’t black and white. Freight brokers add a tremendous amount of value to both shippers and carriers.

How so?

Freight brokers not only understand but value the trucking profession. Without viable transportation companies, they have nothing of value to sell to their customer base. They have forged relationships with carriers all over the world and depend on them day in and day out to safely deliver shipments intact and on time. It’s a working relationship where both parties can benefit.

Freight agents deliver a lot of value to carriers because they:

  1. Understand the shipping industry. Freight agents have long battled the stigma that they don’t know anything about the shipping industry and are simply a middle man you have to pay to coordinate the logistics of connecting shippers with carriers. Reputable freight agents have done their homework. They understand the shipping and logistics industry and are there to help facilitate the process. They have the licenses and accreditation needed to serve both the carriers and the shippers.
  2. Help streamline and automate the shipping process. A lot of work goes into properly quoting and coordinating a shipment, estimating transit times, forecasting weather and traffic patterns and ultimately fulfilling the order. It can be overwhelming for a shipper to manage all of these aspects on their own while running the rest of their business. Freight agents spend their days in front of dashboards that offer real-time information about every aspect of the shipping process. The behind-the-scenes world of moving cargo is a time consuming and complicated job. Your carrier business is far better off in the hands of freight agents, whom the shippers trust.
  3. Put the customer first. There’s a lot on the line when it comes to moving freight. Navigating a shipment through the normal course of transportation alone can be a challenge, and that is without even factoring in threats to the cargo along the way such as damage, theft or shortage. While your fleet is on the road, you don’t want to be bogged down by customer calls, status checks or complaints. Leaving the communication and customer service elements up to the freight agents allows you to focus on what you do best – namely transporting goods safely and efficiently. With the technology and processes they have in place, a freight agent can respond to customer inquiries quickly and effectively. They can give our mutual customers the peace of mind that their shipment will arrive on time, and if it won’t, they’ll be able to proactively explain what has caused the delay and what is being done to rectify the situation.

The most successful carriers have a network of reputable freight agents they depend on to connect them to shippers while driving more business. They’ve established a relationship that is mutually beneficial and trustworthy. To that end, GlobalTranz has established relationships with over 120 less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers and 14,000 truckload (TL) carriers – all helping to provide solutions for our mutual customers to meet all types of shipping needs. When you partner with us, you’ll be joining an expansive and winning team with some of the country’s best freight agents working for GlobalTranz. With over 25,000 customers shipping freight, more opportunities are abound for you as a carrier to grow your business strategically and collaboratively.

In addition, GlobalTranz has the most innovative freight management technology platform in the industry. That logistics technology platform is now being extended to carriers – allowing you to benefit from on-demand visibility into payment status, the ability to electronically transmit data and forms, and ready access to quick-pay options that will get you paid faster.

We can guarantee your business is in good hands when you work with GlobalTranz. Learn more about our freight agent network and market-leading freight agent program.



XPO Logistics is a GlobalTranz carrier partner and a top ten global provider of transportation and logistics solutions.

We provide services for truck brokerage and transportation, less-than-truckload, intermodal, supply chain solutions, contract logistics, last mile, expedite, global forwarding and managed transportation. You’ll find that we’re passionate about helping our customers operate their supply chains more effectively. Our investment in technology drives world class service for our customers and gives them the tools they need to manage their entire supply chain.

XPO is the second largest less-than-truckload (LTL) provider in North America, with world-class capabilities for reliable, on-time service. We cover 99% of all U.S. postal codes and offer service to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. With over 30 years in LTL transportation, we’ve become a trusted carrier for shippers of all sizes and commodity types.

Ready for a best-in-class LTL solution? Request a rate quote or contact a sales representative today!



aci motor freight


One of the best things about my job is getting to introduce ACI Motor Freight to potential customers. I have the privilege of working with a team of folks with one goal in mind – the Customer. We strive daily to provide the best service, communication, and delivery presentation possible so that the Customer is able to present the best product or service available to their Customers.

ACI Motor Freight was founded in March 1980 by Robert Carriker. His freight background was from a national LTL carrier, then an intrastate LTL carrier in Kansas. With the dream of owning his own company Mr. Carriker purchased the equipment necessary and ventured out of the established lines to begin ACI. As of 2012, the second generation of the Carriker family is taking the lead, and we are proud to continue serving our employees and Customers. In 2015 the board of directors elected me to the position of President and we were able to become a Certified Woman Owned Business in June of 2016.

Over the years ACI has worn many hats: truckload, intermodal, flatbed, agent, and interline carrier; but we find what we are best at is on-time LTL service, in our direct service area. ACI currently services 6 of the Top 25 metropolitan areas in the United States.

In our top 10 accounts are 5 Fortune 500 companies in varied industries including – Aerospace, Steel & Aluminum, and Oil and Gas. ACI’s business plan is to keep our Customer base in many industries, therefore we also serve turf care manufacturing, HVAC, fasteners, plastics and molding, and construction equipment.

We are currently providing the following services:

After 36 years of business ACI is still a privately owned corporation with a strong financial base. We continue to evolve with, and for, our employees and Customers. Maintaining strong Customer relationships is my goal for the next 30 years.

My team and I appreciate the opportunity to provide pricing and service for you and your company.


ACI motor freight Laura Hopkins
Laura A Hopkins




Polaris Transportation Group


At Polaris Transportation Group, we are best known for our expedited LTL service between Canada and all of the USA. Making life easier for the shipping community is a core company value.

Transportation service with a focus on quality

Customer service is a top priority at Polaris. We pride ourselves in providing you with the answers you need promptly and courteously. As an ISO 9001 registered company, you can rest assured that your shipments will be delivered according to our stringent quality process.

Everything you need to succeed

From real-time shipment updates to EDI interfacing, Polaris works with you to make readily available the shipment data you need to manage your business. Secure website access, customized reporting, and GPS based trailer tracking are just a few of the features that keep client communication at the forefront, with Polaris.

Quality service and a collaborative environment fuels our continued growth

We are a service company and that takes great people who truly care about our customers. We have those people in abundance and have recently started featuring them in our Star Blog. Interesting stories that intertwine with family, friends and a love for the industry.

It takes a lot to run a successful trucking company and we know how important a role our people play in that success. Thank you for visiting our site and we invite you to reach out to the knowledgeable and friendly team at Polaris for your next shipment!

To learn more about our services visit:

Priority Plus service: http://www.polaristransport.com/en/services-toronto-priority-plus.php

Transit time calculator: http://www.polaristransport.com/en/resources-transit-time-calculator.php

“We are anxious to make certain they are showing up for all our accounts as a viable Canadian provider. This is a great alternative to our current Canadian selection of carriers. Any questions, issues, whatever we had – Dave and his team are extremely responsive.  That too is very important with cross-border shipments.” – Kiki Worthington – GlobalTranz Authorized Agent


GlobalTranz Logo

GlobalTranz is spotlighting AVERITT EXPRESS as our featured Carrier Partner for August 2016.  Learn more about the carrier and their offerings below.

In 1958, Thurman Averitt founded Livingston Merchant’s Co-op, a small trucking company that hauled dry goods mostly between Nashville, TN and Livingston, TN. In 1969, Thurman incorporated his small company and called it Averitt Express.

While making regular deliveries in Nashville, Thurman became acquainted with a young dockworker who helped him unload his trailer. This young man’s name was Gary Sasser.

Gary happened to ask Thurman one day if he would be interested in selling his company. After some thought, Thurman said yes.

In October of 1971, Gary Sasser, at the age of 20, purchased Averitt Express, which at the time consisted of two associates, three tractors and five trailers.

Today, Averitt Express is one of the nation’s leading freight transportation and supply chain management providers.


When you pick Averitt as your carrier of your choice, you are also choosing one of the most professional teams in the transportation industry. From our associate’s unmistakable red uniforms and clean appearance to our clean, modern fleet of equipment to the way our customer service representatives will handle your calls, you can always expect to receive the most professional service at all levels.

With our associates’ interaction with your customers, we know that it is not just our image that we have to be considerate of. We know that our associates are an extension of your image and your reputation.

There are several ways that we strive to be a transportation leader when it comes to professionalism:


At Averitt Express, our vision is: “To Be the Best …The Carrier of Choice.” Our corporate symbol, “The Winner’s Circle,” represents how we can achieve that vision … with a consistent focus on: Our Customers, Our Associates and Our Future.

Our mission is to provide customers with superior quality freight transportation services. We want not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but exceed them.

Every associate plays an important role in the service process by serving customers to the best of his or her ability. Each of our associates is responsible to inspire confidence and trust among ourselves, our customers and our partners.

Our common goal is to satisfy our customers while creating an environment in which our associates can achieve their full potential.

We believe that both individual contributions and team successes should be recognized. We will work together to ensure an environment that appreciates individual talents and team efforts.

We will improve on yesterday’s successes and do even better tomorrow by sharing the lessons we learn. We will continually set, achieve and reset higher quality standards.





GlobalTranz Logo

Did you put in the work to become a freight agent or broker but are struggling to pull in clients or to manage your freight? If so, it is not too late to turn the ship around and get your business back in black. You just need some help from GlobalTranz.

Looking for Something Better?

Zach Freeman was once a work-a-day guy, watching the clock and living for the weekends. He had worked for the same company for nearly seven years and was still not seeing the growth or income that he had hoped for. He asked himself, ‘Is there anything better?

Like many freight agents trying to breakthrough in the freight industry, Zach realized that he needed help getting his business off the ground. He found GlobalTranz and read about how our logistics software programs can revolutionize the way freight agents do business.

[youtube https://youtu.be/6R1DXkdATD4]

“GlobalTranz was a place I could go to take my business to the next level.” It took Zach a year to transition over to GlobalTranz, merging all of his clients over, enabling him to move at his own pace. At the end of that year, Zach had more than doubled his business. Today he is one of our top producing GlobalTranz freight agents.

GlobalTranz Technology Makes the Difference

Ask most any freight agent working with GlobalTranz and they will tell you that it is our technology that separates us from our competitors. That is because we are innovators in the freight logistics industry.

Our goal is to create the type of technology that helps our agents to compete on a global scale. Our philosophy is the sky is the limit. You can make your business as successful as you want it to be. We provide you the tools to make it happen.

For instance, when Zach transitioned over to GlobalTranz, he took advantage of one of our most comprehensive tools to date; the CommandCenter. For Zach’s team, CommandCenter is the centralized point of access for all of his agents where they can manage their daily tasks.

Like many of our independent freight agents, Zach added Carrierrate2.0 to his business in order to simplify things for his customers. Through Carrierrate2.0, Zach’s clients can go in and request a quick quote. They are able to get the ball rolling while Zach and his team focus their time on building up their client base on the sales side of things.

GlobalTranz Goes the Extra Mile

What Zach finds equally as impressive as our technology is the way that our employees at GlobalTranz go the extra mile to aid our agents. We are there to answer our agents’ calls and emails promptly so that they are never left in the lurch. Our support is always there.

“They care so much about me being successful that they go that extra mile to make sure that I am taken care of.” – Zach Freeman

It is that kind of above and beyond thinking that has built GlobalTranz into the success that it is. Our focus on making the lives of our customers and our customers’ customers easier is what shapes each and every piece of new technology we create. We ask ourselves:

Just look at how our CommandCenter program covers all of the bases. Our interactive dashboard gives you up-to-the-second reporting on many different data points. If you want to analyze a particular client’s purchase history, you can do that. If you want to compare your sales from this time last year versus this year you can do that too all from one interface.

Now Zach’s friends are taking notice of how much money Zach is now bringing in all while working on his own schedule. His life has totally changed from the time he first clicked on the GlobalTranz.com/careers link and today. He has a full-time assistant and several sales reps working underneath him to help him to continue to grow long into the future.

GlobalTranz Technology + Support = Success

Are you inspired now to at least see what hooking up with GlobalTranz can do for you too? It is really simple to get started. Just click here to access our Freight Agent Opportunity Program. Read all about the program and submit your information to get started.

At GlobalTranz we are changing lives on a daily basis, helping freight agents to become successful and make money all while growing their own freight business. Our reward is seeing our people grow personally and professionally. Become part of a winning team with GlobalTranz today. Contact us for more information.