By: Bradley Hartwig | Senior Product Manager

What Makes Our Technology Better
“Where performance is measured, performance improves. Where performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” – Thomas S. Monson 
This truth in business is universal. Measurement in not always attainable or transparent.  Measurement becomes difficult once the transaction hits a third party. A credit card bill for example; when you add up your monthly expenses, the credit card hides every transaction behind one lump sum. This consolidation makes it difficult to get to the details of the expenses. If I want to improve my fuel spend efficiency, I need reporting from the Credit company to tell me how much I spent on fuel. I also need a breakdown of my expenses in total.  How much is my fuel spend in comparison to my other expenses?  What percentage does fuel account for?  What percentage does each purchase individually account for?  Armed with this information, intelligent decisions processes can be put in place, along with predictive analysis of future expenses and the ability to optimize budget and savings.
Real Life/Business Application
If you are running a business, logistics spend can be one of the most unclear things on your budget.  It is essential that you are partnered with a 3PL who gives you complete access to the details through reports and dashboards. GLOBALTRANZ offers some of the best reporting capabilities in the industry so you can see exactly what you have spent across every dimension. Our comprehensive reporting tools help you measure and improve your logistics expenses and improve your bottom line.

GLOBALTRANZ  offers CARRIERRATE 2.0 a free, proprietary freight management software (technology) for any size shipper, providing an in-depth overview of how your money is spent.


Your business is your lifeblood.  Your goals remain the same, to increase productivity while reducing cost, and this takes critical analysis of your process and spend.  Accelerate your improvement today.  It’s time to partner with GLOBALTRANZ and discover why our technology is the best.


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Bradley Hartwig | Senior Product Manager