By Bob Farrell, chairman and CEO of GlobalTranz

Consumers and businesses buy everything online – from furniture and electronics to toilet paper and fresh groceries. There is hardly anything you can’t buy online. Digital shoppers account for an amazing 90% of Internet users and the National Retail Federation estimates 8-12% growth in US e-commerce in 2017. According to market researcher eMarketer, e-Commerce sales will grow to $692 billion by 2020, up from $389 billion last year. Whatever the numbers turn out to be, the consensus is that growth will be strong and fast – and that means shippers and logistics providers need to be ready to handle the seismic shift from brick and mortar to online retail.

Online shopping has penetrated our society so much so that Amazon created the Amazon Dash button, which allows consumers to instantly reorder many household products with the push of a button synced to their Amazon shopping cart. Supply chain technology vendors – particularly those focused on the retail industry – have long envisioned a world where product supply chains are so synchronized from raw materials to retail shelves that supply would automatically replenish to meet demand as items were sold in retail outlets. Amazon Dash is the first implementation of this vision at the consumer household level.

But what does this mean for the major players in the logistics industry – shippers, retailers, carriers and freight agents? There is no question that as online ordering becomes mainstream, the impact on the supply chain is profound. Manufacturers, retailers, freight brokers and carriers all have the potential to significantly benefit from the uptake in online ordering – but not without transforming how they do business.

e-Commerce and the success of technologies such as Amazon Dash require a whole new level of visibility, responsiveness and agility across the entire supply chain. Manufacturers and other shippers need to have complete confidence that every single participant along the supply chain can keep up with the increased pace of online shopping – from raw material fulfillment to distribution to rapid transport to the end customer. With retail and manufacturing sales growing at such a rapid pace, shippers, retailers, carriers and freight agents need to ensure the right people, processes, and technologies are in place to efficiently handle the increased volume of orders at the lightning pace that is now expected.

Shippers and retailers need to trust that their freight brokers, freight agents and carriers are equipped to meet the increased demand and pace that comes with e-commerce growth. One area that significantly impacts the entire supply is transportation and freight management. Transportation of supplies, work-in-process, finished goods and direct-to-consumer deliveries all have the potential to be a bottleneck in the process.

To provide the level of transparency that customers demand, shippers, freight agents and carriers need the right technology, back-office support and data in place – and need to create strong working relationships with each other.

As a freight agent or shipper managing your own freight movements, without a robust freight management platform in place, there’s no way you can view and actively manage in real-time the entire picture of all of your current shipment activity, let alone double the volume and increase the pace of shipments. Strong freight management technology providers (such as GlobalTranz) offer robust and easy-to-use tools to quote both LTL and TL shipments quickly, dispatch shipments, monitor weather patterns, track orders, collaborate with carriers  and connect trustworthy carriers to shippers. If a shipper is managing their own freight, they should be able to view in real-time the exact location and status of the each shipment. If a shipper is working with a freight agent, freight agents should be able to provide real-time information on every order using live dashboards and analytics.

Visibility is power – it gives shippers, freight agents and carriers greater control in communicating with their clients and making real-time decisions and adjustments in transportation to ensure goods are delivered on-time. Advancements in freight management technology deliver this visibility. So when unexpected surprises pop up (as they always do) and shipments need to be rerouted or expedited, only those empowered with the right freight management technology platform can guarantee the best rates and transit times with the confidence and consistency needed to win shipper loyalty.

Whether you’re a shipper, freight agent or carrier, are you truly prepared for the rapid e-commerce growth that’s happening now and will continue to skyrocket over the next few years? And can your current freight management infrastructure deliver the visibility, agility and control you need to be successful?

Contact GlobalTranz today to get the right freight management technology and resources in place to ensure you’re ready to ride the e-commerce growth wave.


PHOENIX, AZ – May 4, 2017 – GlobalTranz Enterprises, Inc., a leading technology-driven freight management solution provider, today announced the recipients of its annual Transportation Carrier Awards, honoring carriers for their performance in 2016. GlobalTranz presented the awards last week at its Freight Agent Conference in front of a record audience of nearly 300 freight agents, carriers, technology partners and investors.

GlobalTranz has an extensive network of over 14,000 truckload (TL) and 120 less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers. Thirteen of these carriers were specifically recognized with awards, including:

“We are extremely pleased to be able to recognize the standout performance of these strategic carrier partners,” said Dave Bush, senior vice president of carrier relations for GlobalTranz. “Carrier relationships and capacity are absolutely critical to market leadership in the freight brokerage industry, and we look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen these relationships for our mutual success.”

About GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz is a technology-driven freight brokerage company specializing in LTL, full truckload, third-party logistics and expedited shipping services. GlobalTranz is leading the market in innovative logistics technology that optimizes the efficiency of freight movement and matches shipper demand and carrier capacity in near real-time. Leveraging its extensive freight agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 25,000 shippers. In 2017, Transport Topics ranked GlobalTranz as the 13th largest freight brokerage firm in the U.S. For more information, visit permissible-script.flywheelsites.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @globaltranz.


Earlier this week, GlobalTranz hosted its 2017 Freight Agent Conference in Ft. Lauderdale. A record turnout of nearly 300 freight agents, carriers, shippers, technology partners and investors participated in the event – making it GlobalTranz’ largest event ever.

An expanded agenda and a plethora of well-respected industry speakers were key drivers for the record turnout. Here are few highlights:

Keynote Speaker, Erik Wahl, at GlobalTranz 2017 Freight Agent Conference

After a state of the union presentation by Chairman and CEO Bob Farrell to kick things off, the main keynote speaker, Erik Wahl, an internationally recognized artist, author and TED speaker, captivated the audience with his ability to combine art with inspiring thoughts on innovation and risk-taking. Two of the paintings Erik created during his presentation were auctioned off during the evening event and raised nearly $10,000 for charity!

Perspectives on the logistics industry were delivered by two outside speakers. The first of which was presented by John Larkin, CFA, managing director and head of transportation capital markets research at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., who shared a wealth of industry data and indicators on how the logistics industry is evolving. The following day, Thom Albrecht, president of Sword & Sea Transport Advisors, presented his bullish views on freight industry growth, including many fascinating statistics on e-commerce growth and its evolving impact on logistics.

A deep dive into data and technology issues was delivered via a panel discussion featuring executives from DAT, MacroPoint, SMC3 and Truckstop.com, all key partners of GlobalTranz who engaged in an energetic debate on the value of data in improving freight management and how electronic logging devices (ELD) will impact the industry.

Data Technology Panel at GlobalTranz 2017 Freight Agent Conference

Several of GlobalTranz’ LTL carrier partners participated in a panel discussion, featuring executives from Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Saia LTL Freight, XPO Logistics and YRC Worldwide. The result was an energetic debate on everything from pricing to ELD to capacity constraints.

LTL Carrier Panel at GlobalTranz 2017 Freight Agent Conference

No discussion on freight management would be complete without hearing from the shippers themselves, and executives from LG Electronics and Rexnord offered their views of how shippers are addressing logistics challenges and how they weigh price vs. service in selecting 3PL partners.

After a teaser press announcement made earlier this month, attendees were excited to see the grand unveiling of the GTZrave™ technology platform, delivered by GlobalTranz CTO Greg Carter, who shared how GlobalTranz is leading the market in process automation and enabling dynamic collaboration between shippers, carriers and freight agents via next-generation technology solutions.

The conference concluded with a freight agent panel discussion, moderated by Jim Weatherly who joined GlobalTranz following the acquisition of Global Freight Source in January. Five of GlobalTranz’ top freight agents participated in a discussion of what it takes to grow a successful freight agency.

The conference was made possible by terrific carrier and technology partners who sponsored the event and actively participated in a partner showcase. Thank you to our:

In the end, attendees all seemed to agree – the GlobalTranz 2017 Freight Agent Conference achieved its objectives of delivering industry insights, generating ideas to help GlobalTranz’ agents grow their businesses, and providing a forum to forge and cultivate relationships.

Stay tuned to the GlobalTranz blog next week for more conference highlights – including the winners of the Carrier and Freight Agent Awards program!

The GlobalTranz 2017 Freight Agent Conference kicks off on Monday, April 24 — have you registered yet?  If not, email j.gomez@globaltranz.com today to reserve your spot.

You won’t want to miss the amazing line up of outside speakers and panel-driven session dialog on logistics and freight management challenges, best practices and trends. Not to mention great networking opportunities and evening events!

Highlights include:

Email Jen Gomez at j.gomez@globaltranz.com now — time is running out!

It’s no secret that many carriers see freight brokers as a necessary evil, a roadblock keeping them from working directly with the shipper to move cargo. Without context, you can see why that assumption is often made. What’s the point of a freight broker if the shipper can just pick up the phone and call the carrier to schedule a shipment? Well, this situation isn’t black and white. Freight brokers add a tremendous amount of value to both shippers and carriers.

How so?

Freight brokers not only understand but value the trucking profession. Without viable transportation companies, they have nothing of value to sell to their customer base. They have forged relationships with carriers all over the world and depend on them day in and day out to safely deliver shipments intact and on time. It’s a working relationship where both parties can benefit.

Freight agents deliver a lot of value to carriers because they:

  1. Understand the shipping industry. Freight agents have long battled the stigma that they don’t know anything about the shipping industry and are simply a middle man you have to pay to coordinate the logistics of connecting shippers with carriers. Reputable freight agents have done their homework. They understand the shipping and logistics industry and are there to help facilitate the process. They have the licenses and accreditation needed to serve both the carriers and the shippers.
  2. Help streamline and automate the shipping process. A lot of work goes into properly quoting and coordinating a shipment, estimating transit times, forecasting weather and traffic patterns and ultimately fulfilling the order. It can be overwhelming for a shipper to manage all of these aspects on their own while running the rest of their business. Freight agents spend their days in front of dashboards that offer real-time information about every aspect of the shipping process. The behind-the-scenes world of moving cargo is a time consuming and complicated job. Your carrier business is far better off in the hands of freight agents, whom the shippers trust.
  3. Put the customer first. There’s a lot on the line when it comes to moving freight. Navigating a shipment through the normal course of transportation alone can be a challenge, and that is without even factoring in threats to the cargo along the way such as damage, theft or shortage. While your fleet is on the road, you don’t want to be bogged down by customer calls, status checks or complaints. Leaving the communication and customer service elements up to the freight agents allows you to focus on what you do best – namely transporting goods safely and efficiently. With the technology and processes they have in place, a freight agent can respond to customer inquiries quickly and effectively. They can give our mutual customers the peace of mind that their shipment will arrive on time, and if it won’t, they’ll be able to proactively explain what has caused the delay and what is being done to rectify the situation.

The most successful carriers have a network of reputable freight agents they depend on to connect them to shippers while driving more business. They’ve established a relationship that is mutually beneficial and trustworthy. To that end, GlobalTranz has established relationships with over 120 less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers and 14,000 truckload (TL) carriers – all helping to provide solutions for our mutual customers to meet all types of shipping needs. When you partner with us, you’ll be joining an expansive and winning team with some of the country’s best freight agents working for GlobalTranz. With over 25,000 customers shipping freight, more opportunities are abound for you as a carrier to grow your business strategically and collaboratively.

In addition, GlobalTranz has the most innovative freight management technology platform in the industry. That logistics technology platform is now being extended to carriers – allowing you to benefit from on-demand visibility into payment status, the ability to electronically transmit data and forms, and ready access to quick-pay options that will get you paid faster.

We can guarantee your business is in good hands when you work with GlobalTranz. Learn more about our freight agent network and market-leading freight agent program.



There is a transportation industry crime fit for The Grinch this holiday season: fraudulent carriers. Fraudulent carriers know how to take advantage of shippers during a particularly vulnerable time of need – last minute order fulfillment during the holiday season.

Cargo theft reportedly increases by 40% during holiday weekends as more freight shipments are on the road to meet the anticipated rush of holiday shoppers. Black Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving often see record levels of freight theft. However, many of these shipping scams aren’t the traditional cargo heists you see in the news – they are much more sophisticated. With fake paperwork, an MC number and a truck in tow, these fake carriers look like legitimate businesses. But you’ll soon come to realize you’ve been scammed and your freight is nowhere to be found

Here’s a holiday demand fulfillment nightmare some organizations know all too well:

A retailer is out of your product, and you need to get it back on the shelves as soon as possible. Otherwise, your competitors are going to fill your section and take a slice of your holiday pie. Here’s the rub: your last-minute shipping request can’t be fulfilled by your trusted carriers; they’re booked through the New Year. But suddenly, a holiday miracle appears. You find a carrier that can take the order. The rates are higher, but that’s okay. You’ll do whatever it takes to restock those shelves and reclaim a piece of that coveted lemon meringue.

You breathe a sigh of relief and let out a holiday cheer, but the celebration doesn’t last long. Your worst fear has come to life. The order never made it from your warehouse to the destination. Just as The Grinch stole presents from the citizens of Whoville on Christmas Eve, your cargo is gone without a trace. But in this story, The Grinch doesn’t find joy or compassion and return your load. The freight is stolen, and the police are left with very few leads to go on as the truckers ride off into the snowy night.

Cargo thefts skyrocket during the holiday season. According to FreightWatch International, there were 193 cargo thefts in the third quarter of 2016, and that number is expected to rise. Last quarter, CargoNet received 447 reports of theft incidents and of this number, 309 involved theft of a motor vehicle, 201 involved theft of cargo and 35 were incidents of fraud. Thefts go beyond your traditional high-value products, like electronic devices. Food and beverage thefts, like nuts (which accounted for 35% of thefts in the third quarter of 2016!) are becoming more and more desirable because they cannot be traced by a pin, RFID tag or serial number.

There is only one way to protect your organization from risk this holiday season, and that is meticulous due diligence on your end.

Desperate times should not call for desperate measures. Compliance standards and protocols should not be ignored in the name of fast shipping. Con artists are patiently waiting to attack, which is why we can’t over stress the importance of strict carrier compliance standards.

At GlobalTranz, we take compliance very seriously. In fact, we have some of the strictest carrier compliance standards in the industry.

To mitigate risk and keep your shipments safe year-round, you must develop stringent requirements for your carriers. Before moving any of your freight, be sure to carefully select your carrier based on these pre-defined qualifications. Make sure they practice safe and careful practices when transporting your load to ensure nothing is compromised along the way.

Do your homework – validate their DOT or MC number and insurance information. When your trucker and carrier arrive, inspect the vehicle, interview the driver and record all information about the truck, driver and cargo load. Fraudulent carriers are creative and sneaky. They will create fake companies, doctor up insurance information and secure a license – making it more difficult for you to spot a scam. Verify the accounts and conduct a proper background check to make sure the truck driver and the carrier company is legitimate and trustworthy.

If you’re just too busy to take on this due diligence yourself, work with a reputable freight brokerage company like GlobalTranz. We have a trusted set of carrier partners who have been thoroughly vetted, and we have the logistics technology and team to actively monitor your freight shipment from pickup to safe delivery.

Don’t let fraudulent carriers rob you of your holiday cheer – and profits! Use extra caution when booking freight shipments over the next few weeks. If you’re looking for reliable, trustworthy carriers or a full-service freight brokerage, reach out to the GlobalTranz experts. We can manage your LTL, TL or expedited shipping needs through our in-house team or our nationwide network of top freight agents.

Safe shipping and happy holidays!


XPO Logistics is a GlobalTranz carrier partner and a top ten global provider of transportation and logistics solutions.

We provide services for truck brokerage and transportation, less-than-truckload, intermodal, supply chain solutions, contract logistics, last mile, expedite, global forwarding and managed transportation. You’ll find that we’re passionate about helping our customers operate their supply chains more effectively. Our investment in technology drives world class service for our customers and gives them the tools they need to manage their entire supply chain.

XPO is the second largest less-than-truckload (LTL) provider in North America, with world-class capabilities for reliable, on-time service. We cover 99% of all U.S. postal codes and offer service to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. With over 30 years in LTL transportation, we’ve become a trusted carrier for shippers of all sizes and commodity types.

Ready for a best-in-class LTL solution? Request a rate quote or contact a sales representative today!