Freight brokers act as the intermediary between shippers and carriers. They have the network, the experience and the resources to fulfill orders and get shipments where they need to be. Yet, like anyone serving as a liaison, they are always fighting the stigma that they’re an unnecessary and expensive part of the equation. “Why pay a freight broker to move my shipment when I can just deal with the carrier directly?” shippers often ask.

Well the truth is, taking freight brokers out of the equation isn’t going to make it cheaper for shippers. Yes, freight brokers earn money for connecting shippers to carriers. And yes, shippers are the ones forking up the money to pay for their services, but the reality is, an experienced and trustworthy freight broker can move your load more efficiently and effectively than if you had arranged the transportation yourself. This isn’t because you aren’t capable, it’s because the connections, technology and support freight agents have at their disposal can significantly lower your overall shipping costs.

Here are three ways freight brokers can help shippers lower their shipping costs:

  1. Strong relationships with trustworthy and reliable carriers. Connecting shippers to carriers and fulfilling orders is a freight broker’s full-time job. Over the years they have built strong, dependable relationships with carriers all over the world. In an industry as deeply complex and heavily regulated as the transportation industry is, this is so important. Turn on the news this week and I’m sure you’ll hear about shipments gone missing and cargo lost forever. It’s a reality all too true in the world of logistics and transportation, which is why you need someone with a good, trustworthy network of carriers that will get your shipment where it needs to be, when it needs to be there without having to worry about it getting lost or stolen along the way.
  1. Relieves the headache of back-office overhead. Leave the logistics of coordinating to a freight agent – you have enough on your plate. While you may think it might be cheaper to work directly with carriers, the time spent evaluating quotes, costs and transit times, selecting a reliable carrier, arranging pickup, monitoring transit and delivery, and ensuring accurate and timely payments to carriers – not to mention troubleshooting any issues – isn’t worth the cost. Freight agents have this process down like a well-oiled machine and will be able to help you cut costs and expedite service.
  1. State-of-the-art logistics technology you can depend on. Whether you need less-than-truck load (LTL), truckload (TL) or expedited shipping, smart freight agents have the right technology in place to meet your needs. The best freight brokerage firms allows them to negotiate the best possible rates with the most reliable carriers and automate processes related to shipping and payment, ensuring you a speedy and safe delivery. Real time dashboards give freight agents complete visibility into every aspect of the journey, including current weather patterns, fuel stops, and traffic to ensure trucks are quickly filled and orders are delivered on time. GlobalTranz is one example of a freight brokerage that is leading the market in innovative technology.

Moving freight is a complicated and complex business. Don’t cut corners by searching for reliable carriers yourself and hoping the process will manage itself. Leave it to freight brokerage pros like GlobalTranz. We know the freight business and we’ll put your mind at ease while saving you money along the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you lower shipping costs and improve logistics efficiency.


According to one survey, weather-related shipping challenges cost trucking companies between $2 billion and $3.5 billion on average. In fact, overall weather-related shipping challenges add up to close to 3.5% of the U.S. GDP. Unless you have a plan for managing risks due to weather, just one hurricane or devastating snowstorm could upend your business.

Weather-Related Shipping Challenges Add Up to Big Bucks

Every business is vulnerable to weather variances – but freight brokerages are particularly vulnerable. While most delays caused by weather happen on the ground for trucking companies, freight agents can experience challenges even when operating a multi-modal transportation business.

Say your ground carriers are unable to fulfill a shipment because of a weather-related challenge. If your alternate is air transportation, those same challenges may impact air transportation, too. Almost three quarters of all flight delays are due to weather and nearly 85% of weather delays prevent planes from ever taking off.

Recent weather models show the increasing erratic nature of weather patterns are creating daily weather variances that make predicting weather-related challenges harder.  Not to mention the practically annual unprecedented natural disasters recently:

It’s clear that no matter what region, what state, or what country you operate in, every freight agent needs several alternatives for managing weather-related challenges.

Understanding the Risks to Your Supply Chain Due to Weather

Did you know that last year, at least three ocean vessels sank because of hurricanes and tropical storms? Weather will affect or disrupt every mode of transportation. Evidence shows that these extreme weather events are going to grow increasingly more severe and happen more and more routinely for the foreseeable future.

If the roads are closed, planes are grounded, and you can’t get your cargo out of port, what do you do? As a freight agent how can you safeguard your deliveries against delays, cancellations, and mass transportation disruptions due to weather?

Here are 6 safeguards to mitigate your damages and avoid being caught without a viable alternate when disasters strike.

#1: Strategically Placed Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Many industries from retailers to pharmaceutical companies maintain an excess of goods in different locations to prepare for typical business fluctuations. If a retailer’s sale leaves shelves bare, they can access additional goods from nearby warehouses.

This concept is called “nearshoring” when it applies to freight logistics. Instead of having to ship a load cross-country, you have distribution centers strategically located so that if part of your supply chain is shutdown, your operations can still move forward.

#2: Broad Carrier Network Including Ground, Air, and Ocean

One of the best ways for a freight brokerage to avoid weather-related challenges is by having a broad carrier network across multiple modes of transportation. If the roads are shut down, do you have an air carrier in your network?

If flights are grounded, can you still ship via ocean? The broader and more diverse your carrier network, the easier it is to manage weather disruptions.

#3: Partner with Other 3PLs

Competition between third-party logistics providers (3PLs) for the same accounts prevents many freight agents from forming smart partnerships with other 3PLs. However, partnering with other 3PLs in regions where you don’t normally operate can save your bottom line if a disaster or weather-related event closes down your normal routes.

#4: Involve a 4PL Provider

What is a 4PL provider? A 4PL provider is an integrator that has the resources, capabilities and technologies to run complete supply chain solutions. They can provide reports on historical and predicted weather patterns and take over portions of your supply chain operations in the event of an outage. 

#5: Utilize Data Analysis to Anticipate Weather-Related Challenges

If you are only analyzing data where you have historically shipped but you have since expanded to new territories, you are not getting a full picture of the challenges you face. Data analysis helps you proactively analyze weather-related risks wherever you operate so that you can predict disruptions.

#6: Optional Weather Insurance for Shipments

Offering weather insurance can protect the freight agent’s bottom line while giving customers a chance to protect themselves against weather-related challenges. There are global and national areas where weather challenges are highest. Offering weather insurance for those shipments is another way to safeguard against losses due to weather events.

With years of transportation industry experience, GlobalTranz is a valuable 3PL partner that empowers its freight agents with innovative technology, near real-time data and a team of logistics specialists who help mitigate risk from numerous supply chain challenges, including weather-related issues. Contact us now for more information.

The launch of Uber Freight got quite a bit of press last month, as Uber shared its vision of cutting out the middleman in freight movement by connecting shippers directly with available carriers and providing real-time pricing.

Uber is not the first to attempt this model. Other companies have tried it with mixed results and minimal disruption to the traditional freight brokerage industry.

While Uber clearly has a track record of success in connecting passengers with drivers, the world of commercial trucking and large freight movement is much more complex.

Bob Costello, chief economist at the American Trucking Association summed it up best when he said: “It just seems like there is interest because being ‘Uber-like’ is sexier than saying that you are a truck freight broker.”

While freight brokerages may not be perceived as sexy, they play a critical role in logistics and offer a great deal of value, more than justifying their fees.

Here are 3 ways freight brokerage firms add value that an Uber-like shipper-to-carrier model can’t beat – volume pricing, accuracy and accountability.

  1. Volume Pricing

Freight brokerages move a tremendous amount of cargo in a year – and that high level of volume gives freight brokers leverage in pricing. Companies like GlobalTranz are able to negotiate better rates with carriers because they are able to guarantee a consistent level of business. As shipper profit margins grow tighter and tighter, any dollar saved in shipping is a dollar toward the bottom line. While freight brokerages add some cost to the supply chain, they also remove a lot of cost by offering lower carrier rates and reducing shipper overhead in managing freight movement.

  1. Accuracy & Compliance

While the idea of replacing the middleman may look attractive, freight shipment is not simple. Freight brokering is a complex operation that involves many variables, almost all of which can results in a significant cost to the shipper in terms of in time, risk, and hard dollars if not completed efficiently and accurately. Freight movement requires adherence to shipper requests, freight-specific requirements and compliance with state and federal laws. In addition to regulations governing freight transport, each shipper often requires compliance with its own unique set of shipping policies regarding rates, insurance, and carrier attributes (like on time delivery).

To ensure accuracy and compliance, a freight agent must take the basic parameters a shipper provides and use these data points to seed decisions around a much larger set of information and actions. For example, the size, weight, and commodity type or freight class may require a nuanced carrier class or carrier service selection (e.g. van, side loader, flat bed). Freight shipment reclassification alone can result in high, unexpected costs for the shipper if not handled properly. For example, if a shipment is booked at an LTL-negotiated rate, but in reality should have been moved as a volume shipment, significant disconnects can occur in pricing. A shipment of 10,000 ping pong balls may show a cost of $200 (not a real value) as a result of low weight, but the reality is the amount of space the shipment actually requires is half a trailer, so the rebill could be $10,000. Freight brokerages have the insight and experience to flag these potential issues, facilitate resolution and ensure shippers have the appropriate documentation to negotiate effectively with carriers.

For an Uber-like service to gather this information accurately at the time of the freight service request is likely not feasible as most small-to-medium shippers would not be able to answer many of these questions. Whereas an experienced freight agent using GlobalTranz’ advanced logistics technology and freight transport database, combined with their own experience and knowledge, has the ability to make the accurate, real-time decisions necessary to ensure successful and compliant freight delivery.

  1. Due Diligence & Accountability

Freight brokerage firms often have long-standing relationships with carriers, giving shippers peace of mind in knowing that the carrier is trustworthy, reputable and reliable. Freight is precious and expensive cargo – shippers need to do everything possible to minimize the risk of loss, damage or theft. Freight brokerages play a critical role in screening carriers, providing oversight to ensure loads are correctly matched with the right type of carrier and equipment, and ensuring shipper expectations are met. This takes a load off (no pun intended!) of shippers, allowing them to stay focused on running their core operations.

What Does the Future Hold for Logistics?

That said, Uber is offering an exciting alternative to the industry and will likely be successful in carving out a niche in on-demand freight movement. The company is also investing in advancing innovative technologies like self-driving trucks which will benefit the logistics industry as a whole, and deliver valuable new options for both shippers and freight brokerages alike. Automation in logistics is a topic unto its own, and one we’ll explore in a future blog post.

At GlobalTranz, we look forward to working alongside or in partnership with Uber and other on-demand freight options as we continue to grow our freight brokerage and 3PL service offerings. Contact GlobalTranz today to discuss how we can add value to your business.

In order to understand the difficulties facing freight agents in an omni-channel world, you have to realize that consumer demand is really driving these challenges. Technology has created a consumer market, even for large freight, that demands high-speed logistics across multiple channels to fulfill customers’ fast delivery expectations. People often think of the consumer’s view of omni-channel in the form of storefront, online and mobile shopping options – but on the order fulfillment and logistics side, there a host of challenges created for logistics and transportation providers for both purchase delivery and returns.

If a furniture company offers same-day shipping to its customers, it will require multiple channels not only to process those orders, but also to deliver those goods. That same furniture company may offer nationwide delivery and may or may not have distribution centers (DCs) located throughout the U.S. Third-party carriers rely on freight agents to manage the logistics of on-demand delivery to fulfill those orders.

The importance of assured delivery cannot be overstated for the shipper. In survey after survey, consumers place a high value on a company’s shipping terms. Big business disrupters like Amazon that offer the same products plus free shipping puts pressure on all businesses to offer those same terms.

But even companies like Amazon are turning to 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) to help fulfill their customer demand – a good sign that freight agents and 3PLs are considered a critical lynchpin in a shipper’s success. Freight agents are expected to manage the challenges that these companies face and provide the level of on-demand delivery that customers expect – so how can you step up to this challenge?

Here’s a look at 8 omni-channel logistics challenges facing freight agents.

#1: Upfront Pricing

Last year, over 90% of consumers said that shipping options and overall experience with a company’s shipping apparatus factored highly in their decision to choose one business over another. That is a year-over-year increase of nearly 25%.

The survey concluded that businesses could overcome this challenge by being upfront about shipping costs with their consumers and delineating shipping fees rather than adding it on at the end.

For freight agents, providing accurate pricing upfront can be extremely challenging in an omni-channel environment. Your ability to offer honest and transparent pricing will require smart analysis of industry norms and current and historical KPI data. Technology that provides insight into this type of data can be helpful.

#2: Meeting On-Demand Delivery Expectations

If a long-time customer has an out of the ordinary request to deliver a load outside your region, could you still fulfill that order? More and more customers demand these exceptions as do the large cargo shippers that freight agents interact with on a day-to-day basis. Managing those customers takes full-cycle shipment management.

Requests may be coming in from companies from different parts of the country with many different priorities for meeting delivery expectations. Your ability to deliver on promises will depend on the quality and depth of your carrier network.

#3: Managing Omni-channel Technology

As the name implies, omni-channel technology encompasses several different logistical functions. Managing this level of technology is a challenge for nearly all industries and especially for freight agents.

First, you need the internal technology that is necessary to be competitive. Big data can zero in on or highlight impact points all along your supply chain. This insight can help you improve customer service. Examples of potential impact points include bottlenecks in shipment delivery, peak delivery hours, price comparisons, revenue forecasting, etc.

Soon no freight agent will be able to get by without harnessing sensor technology, the internet of things (IoT), and cloud-based software tools. Competition among 3PLs and freight agents continues to get tougher. The freight agent that is using the most advanced logistics technology to move freight is going to grow the fastest and emerge as a leader.

#4: Unpredictability

In one word, omni-channel logistics is unpredictable. From the beginning of a shipment request to the final delivery destination, you as the freight agent are managing multiple logistics points that can disrupt delivery:

When you are manually entering shipment requests, the instances of user errors increase. Unexpected traffic delays or weather events could prevent you from getting loads out for hours, maybe even days. Incomplete or missing paperwork can hold up a load at customs or at the loading dock.

GlobalTranz TMS software helps make omni-channel logistics more predictable, which in turn makes your life easier.

#5: Unifying Diverse Platforms

Your company may be using logistics software that does not work with your carriers’ platforms. Shipment requests coming through via mobile may not work as well as desktop requests and vice versa. Meanwhile, submitting paperwork to vendors and government agencies require understanding of still more diverse platforms.

How you distill that information in an understandable way requires unifying diverse platforms. Freight agents individually may not possess the skills to accomplish this, in fact many don’t. The challenge is to find the correct business strategy for the internet that combines different channels in a cohesive way for your freight management business.

#6: Cohesive Optimization for Omni-channel Logistics

Optimizing for cohesion of omni-channel logistics requires smart investments in customer relationship management (CRM) and transportation management system (TMS) software. Your carriers must be able to communicate with your logistics systems while also being able to complete deliveries through distribution centers and warehouses.

All suppliers from carrier to warehouse manager must be working from systems that are optimized for use across different channels, while still delivering a consistent customer experience.

#7: How to Co-Locate DCs

If you are like most freight agents, you neither have the funds nor the will to maintain your own distribution centers and warehouses. Instead, freight agents are co-locating their DCs with other logistics partners. However, choosing where to co-locate your DCs also a challenge.

If the majority of your business comes from a DC where the cost of living is high, you may end up paying a chunk of your profits to maintain cargo in that particular location. Thinking about how and where to locate distribution centers and freight warehouses can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

#8: Seeing the Supply Chain Holistically

Finally, one of the biggest challenges to managing the omni-channel universe as a freight agent is being able to see your supply chain holistically. It is only then that you are able to establish a comprehensive plan for proactively predicting and meeting challenges.

But be careful that you don’t become so focused on the big picture that you overlook the tactical operational details of your business. The right freight brokerage platform and business activity monitoring technology will help you view your supply chain holistically while also proactively managing the critical details of your freight management operations.

Global Tranz CommandCenter gives freight agents a powerful tool to manage a vast carrier network, manage day-to-day business functions, and create reports in real-time to show the bird’s-eye view of your business you need in order to keep growing and improving.

Tools to Manage Omni-channel Logistics Challenges

What separates success from failure is in how you approach challenges. At GlobalTranz, we see the challenges presented by omni-channel logistics as the perfect opportunity for you to grow as a freight agent, and for us to demonstrate why we are leaders in freight logistics software and technology.

Whether you have a successful regional freight business in need of top-of-the-line TMS and CRM software or you are a new freight agent looking to team up with a successful freight brokerage, we have what you need. For more information about partnering with GlobalTranz or to discuss using our advanced logistics technology platform to improve your freight management operations, contact GlobalTranz today.


Relationships are the basis for everything meaningful in life. Knowing someone personally to help arrange a critical shipment of inventory to your distributor is crucial to your success. Having that relationship in your corner means that you and your organization can succeed. GlobalTranz’s technologies serve one higher purpose, which is to bring you closer to the people on your team. Our software is built to help grow the relationships between brokers and carriers, agents and customers, accounting and support. In a recent brainstorming meeting, GlobalTranz Capacity Manager Paul Jones said it perfectly, “Our value add is people!”

Joining the GlobalTranz family is more than just adopting a new technology platform to run your business, it’s adopting a family of relationships to keep in your pocket for when you need them. Our products are designed to help you find those relationships at the right time. Clean and efficient product workflows also give you more time to build your own relationships. With our incredible technologies and your dedication, you’ll have the time to take care of the most important relationships in your life: family.

Our value add is people; our technology only serves to bring our people closer.

5 Reasons GlobalTranz’s Technology is Leading the Freight Industry

Technology enables even the smallest freight agent to build a world-class freight agency. There is no freight logistics firm anywhere offering the type of advanced technology and integrated solutions that we offer at GlobalTranz. We have taken the power of technology and harnessed it in a concerted way to develop software programs designed specifically for freight agencies.

#1: We Offer Unified Solutions

Out of the top five reasons why our technology is the best (and there are others), the fact that we offer unified solutions is at the top of the list. There’s no need to buy a piece of software to manage your customers and a separate piece of software to search for leads and yet another program to manage your shipments.

No, with GlobalTranz there is no patchwork of separate systems. Everything you need is contained in our three top tier software programs: CarrierRate2.0, CommandCenter, and ShipperCenter. Whether you specialize in LTL, full truckload, expedited services, or supply chain, we have everything you need to run your freight business.

#2: Our Systems are all Our Own

How we are able to provide unified solutions is because our systems are all our own. We don’t outsource the development of our programs. Our team of experts in logistics has engineered every GlobalTranz tool you use.

Our program designers have combined decades of experience working in the logistics industry. They add their knowledge of the industry with extraordinary technical capabilities to come up with our world-class system designs.

#3: We Have a Diverse Family of Products

What you get when you choose GlobalTranz is a seamless continuity between our diverse family of products. Each program goes hand-in-glove with each of our other programs. Other logistics software firms will offer you customer management software that often lacks many of the features that make our CMS software best.

Trying to sync a program from one provider with a program from another is an exercise in futility. With our products you don’t need anything else. We have you covered from beginning to end. Check out our family of products and see for yourself.

#4: We Provide Comprehensive Backend Support

One thing that you will only get from GlobalTranz is our comprehensive backend support. Even when you find a CRM or TMS program that meets your shipping needs, you will still need to invest in accounting software, sales materials, and more.

You don’t have to purchase a separate accounting program. Our team does it for you. That’s right, from our transportation management systems to our rating engine and CRM tool, we have solutions for every aspect of your freight business all within house including our sales team, payroll, and billing specialists.

We manage your administrative tasks so that you can focus on generating new business and managing shipments. More importantly, our team cares about your success. We will be there with you helping you to realize your goals the whole way. That’s something you will only get from GlobalTranz.

#5: You Can Join Our Team

Last but certainly not least – you can join our team. Our Freight Agent Opportunity Program is designed to give you a big leg up as you start your new freight agent business. Best of all, as you work and build up your client list as a GlobalTranz partner, you will be building equity in your own freight business at the same time.

Plus, when you partner with GlobalTranz, all of our proprietary software is included. You get access to our incredible CarrierRate2.0 and CommandCenter software to help better manage your business. Join GlobalTranz and see what a difference it makes when your whole team is on the same system.

We Know You’ll Love Our Technology

At GlobalTranz we have been focused on making shipment management easier for freight agents and brokers for nearly a decade and a half. As technology has improved, so have our products. We are at the forefront of freight logistics innovations and our company is one of the leading private businesses in all of Arizona.

Technology alone does not guarantee success. It is how technology is harnessed and used that makes the difference. Without a doubt, when it comes to freight logistics, we have created something spectacular at GlobalTranz. We have watched as our partner agents have blossomed in to some of the top 3PLs in the country.

Why not let us do the same for your freight business? If you are interested in learning more about our software programs or to contact us about becoming a GlobalTranz partner, simply contact us now for more information.

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Those in the business know that we are known for our technology at GlobalTranz. But it is not just our technology that is moving the logistics industry forward. Most importantly it is how our technology helps our customers improve their freight businesses.

Technology and Freight Logistics

The Internet has forced the freight logistics industry to undergo a complete remodel. Now the goal is to keep up with the onslaught of new data pouring in through supply chain channels. What we do at GlobalTranz is organize and consolidate that data so that our customers can extract valuable business insights from that data.

Whole industries that did not exist before the Internet are driving most of this information monsoon. Retailers, from mom and pops to multi-nationals, all utilize several independent freight agencies to step in at different junctures of their supply chains.

Within the freight world, agents are discovering that their EDI transactions, shipment tables, and their tariffs all contain bits of data that are supremely important for analyzing their businesses. Giving our customers the information and a means to analyze it is only part of what we offer. Here are the top 5 reasons more freight agents and brokers choose GlobalTranz technology to help move their companies forward.

#1: We are Constantly Improving

The hallmark of any top line business in today’s logistics industry is a drive toward constant improvement. At GlobalTranz we already are head of the rest of our competitors using our own proprietary software. We keep ourselves moving even further ahead by constantly improving our product line. Our philosophy is if you are not improving, you are falling behind. We intend to stay in the lead.

#2: We Build the Technologies

A clear advantage that our GlobalTranz partners have over all of their competition is that we build the technologies that are moving logistics forward. Like all great inventions, our technology is designed to provide our customers technology that they can’t get anywhere else.

Our software team is made up of former agents, brokers, engineers, and network administrators who know the logistics business inside and out. They never lose focus on the end result of all of our work; to give freight agents and brokers the tools they need to succeed.

#3: We Add Value to Your Business

Because you get the most advanced technology available we add tremendous value to your business. It’s not just from inside, we ask our partners to help us improve. In fact, we incorporated 50 different ideas and suggestions that we received through our Bright Ideas campaign from our partner agents into many of our newest software programs.

We listen to those who are dealing on the ground with carriers and shippers. They know where freight agents are failing and where they hope to see the industry go. By tapping into this source of originality and by investing in a supremely skilled network of industry professionals, we build products that:

#4: We Simplify the Process

Like Longfellow (quote above), we believe that technology should work to simplify the process. With all of the hundreds of different moving parts up and down the supply chain, no logistics company can compete without simplifying time consuming processes on the backend and simplifying the process for your customers on the front end.

Our technology is built to simplify the shipping process. Your shipments go through a ton of processes before the reach their destination. You manage shipments by boat, air, land, even rail. Along the way problems can occur like accidents, detours, weather closures, etc. Not to mention the downtime that can wreck your business relationship due to weigh stations, inspections, warehousing, transfer, or just bad carriers.

We can’t choose your partners but we can give you the technology to make these processes as simple and routine as possible. We eliminate human error by automating customer shipment booking and real-time tracking on CarrierRate2.0 and we put your customer’s in the driver’s seat through our dynamic ShipperCenter.

#5: We Make Data Useful and Usable

Just providing big data to small and startup freight agents and logistics firms is not what makes us better than our competitors. It is our ability to make the data useful and usable. Our software is designed to sort, analyze, and create reports that give our clients a bird’s eye-view of all of their business operations.

From analyzing expenditures on the shipping history tab to browsing the CommandCenter for new business ventures, our tools are helping businesses turn data into profits and customers.

Your Business is Better with GlobalTranz

Our technology is better than the competition simply because we care. As former industry professionals who have worked the long hours in the days before technology was simplifying freight logistics building up our businesses on grease boards and fax machines.

You have a trusted team of professional logistics experts and brokers working to help you build the type of business that your customers need. We believe that technology’s ability to add value to your business rests on the type of environment that your team provides.

You still need quality people to make that technology do its job for you and to focus on what you do best – Sales. Our sole purpose is to give you the greatest leverage to achieve success. Come join the GlobalTranz team and see what our technology can do for you.

Ever since Bill Gates and Steve Jobs invented what we now know as the personal home computer back in the 80s, there have been many businesses that have utilized both the Internet and computer technology to amass a fortune. That has revolutionized the way the world does business and that change is sweeping the logistics industry.

Change is Good

Back when the Internet was young and the computer was new, some people thought they were the sign of the apocalypse. Terms like artificial intelligence sparked political slash theocratic debates about whether humans were stepping on a higher power’s toes for even inventing the Internet.

But as that technology became ubiquitous, most people began to accept the new way of living in the “tech age” and embrace the change. Now people expect to get their packages next day and to skip the stampede on black Friday by just shopping online.

For that change to have occurred, freight logistics had to be right at the center. Among some of the richest tech inventors and companies are those companies that need freight logistics to succeed like Amazon, Microsoft, and every major retail chain store you can think of. In the freight industry, this change is good.

Technology in the Logistics Industry

Before the Internet and personal home computers, freight was shipped via phone and fax. Independent freight agents built their network of carriers using the phonebook and a LAN line. Today most agents work from home from their Smartphone or laptop.

They have no need for a LAN line a fax machine or an office space, making the playing field much more equitable for the startups and SME freight agencies. At the center of that change is technology, which is a big driver of wealth in today’s economy.

The Future of Logistics

The future of logistics is only going to continue to grow and evolve into ever more efficient and faster systems of delivery. Agents today stand on the precipice of a new revolution in logistics when companies like Amazon and Google start looking for shippers who can deliver packages by drone or 3-D print manufacture products on-site for local deliveries.

Freight agents have a chance to get in on this big wave if they are smart and staying on top of advanced technology like the kind we provide at GlobalTranz. We are helping to change the logistics industry by providing the most advanced systems while building in more capacity for the future.

#1: Access to Big Data

You can’t provide next day service or maintain a wealth-making network of carriers without utilizing big data to evaluate your business operations. ShipperCenter, for example, lets freight agents analyze customer behavior to a fine detail in order to offer better service and to generate more leads. The faster and more affordable your service offerings are, the more business you will find now and into the future.

By putting more information into agents’ hands, we are helping even the smallest logistics firms compete. With access to the dynamic reporting and analytic tools, agents do not just aggregate big data but also have the tools to analyze it to keep improving on their services to their clients.

#2: Customer Access

CarrierRate2.0 allows customers to book a shipment in two simple clicks or to download their shipment histories to improve their businesses. When you give your customers access to more of their data you increase transparency and trust which is most crucial in non-person-to-person interactions.

#3: Top Level Support

When you add advanced technology to your business mix, you will need top level support to manage those systems. In order to compete with the biggest logistics firms in the industry you have that type of support. You can offer that level of support supplying GlobalTranz technology to your customers in a way that no other technology provider can provide.

Take the Lead with GlobalTranz

If you want to build the type of logistics firms that will put you in the upper echelons of successful freight agencies, you need GlobalTranz technology. We are making it easier than ever to shift some wealth into your empire by being in position and prepared to catch the next big wave.

Our software programs are designed to give you a leg up on your competitors and to give you space to compete with even the biggest agencies in the country. All you need is to show that you are giving your customers something that they can’t get anywhere else.

No other company offers the types of advanced programs made specifically for freight agents and brokers that we do at GlobalTranz. Let us help you grow with the times and take the lead in your region. Contact us now for more information about becoming a GlobalTranz partner.

Did you put in the work to become a freight agent or broker but are struggling to pull in clients or to manage your freight? If so, it is not too late to turn the ship around and get your business back in black. You just need some help from GlobalTranz.

Looking for Something Better?

Zach Freeman was once a work-a-day guy, watching the clock and living for the weekends. He had worked for the same company for nearly seven years and was still not seeing the growth or income that he had hoped for. He asked himself, ‘Is there anything better?

Like many freight agents trying to breakthrough in the freight industry, Zach realized that he needed help getting his business off the ground. He found GlobalTranz and read about how our logistics software programs can revolutionize the way freight agents do business.

[youtube https://youtu.be/6R1DXkdATD4]

“GlobalTranz was a place I could go to take my business to the next level.” It took Zach a year to transition over to GlobalTranz, merging all of his clients over, enabling him to move at his own pace. At the end of that year, Zach had more than doubled his business. Today he is one of our top producing GlobalTranz freight agents.

GlobalTranz Technology Makes the Difference

Ask most any freight agent working with GlobalTranz and they will tell you that it is our technology that separates us from our competitors. That is because we are innovators in the freight logistics industry.

Our goal is to create the type of technology that helps our agents to compete on a global scale. Our philosophy is the sky is the limit. You can make your business as successful as you want it to be. We provide you the tools to make it happen.

For instance, when Zach transitioned over to GlobalTranz, he took advantage of one of our most comprehensive tools to date; the CommandCenter. For Zach’s team, CommandCenter is the centralized point of access for all of his agents where they can manage their daily tasks.

Like many of our independent freight agents, Zach added Carrierrate2.0 to his business in order to simplify things for his customers. Through Carrierrate2.0, Zach’s clients can go in and request a quick quote. They are able to get the ball rolling while Zach and his team focus their time on building up their client base on the sales side of things.

GlobalTranz Goes the Extra Mile

What Zach finds equally as impressive as our technology is the way that our employees at GlobalTranz go the extra mile to aid our agents. We are there to answer our agents’ calls and emails promptly so that they are never left in the lurch. Our support is always there.

“They care so much about me being successful that they go that extra mile to make sure that I am taken care of.” – Zach Freeman

It is that kind of above and beyond thinking that has built GlobalTranz into the success that it is. Our focus on making the lives of our customers and our customers’ customers easier is what shapes each and every piece of new technology we create. We ask ourselves:

Just look at how our CommandCenter program covers all of the bases. Our interactive dashboard gives you up-to-the-second reporting on many different data points. If you want to analyze a particular client’s purchase history, you can do that. If you want to compare your sales from this time last year versus this year you can do that too all from one interface.

Now Zach’s friends are taking notice of how much money Zach is now bringing in all while working on his own schedule. His life has totally changed from the time he first clicked on the GlobalTranz.com/careers link and today. He has a full-time assistant and several sales reps working underneath him to help him to continue to grow long into the future.

GlobalTranz Technology + Support = Success

Are you inspired now to at least see what hooking up with GlobalTranz can do for you too? It is really simple to get started. Just click here to access our Freight Agent Opportunity Program. Read all about the program and submit your information to get started.

At GlobalTranz we are changing lives on a daily basis, helping freight agents to become successful and make money all while growing their own freight business. Our reward is seeing our people grow personally and professionally. Become part of a winning team with GlobalTranz today. Contact us for more information.