“You’re only as good as the people that you surround yourself with”  –  Jim Weatherly
Please join the GlobalTranz family in congratulating Global Freight Source as the top Freight Broker Agency for the 2014 calendar year.
As always, Global Freight Source continues to shine as one of the top agencies in the country.
Global Freight Source and GlobalTranz:

In 2009, Jim Weatherly and Marc Collins were running a highly successful freight forwarding company delivering strong results with revenues between six and seven Million dollars a year.  It was at this point in time that both men realized a changing landscape in the industry and sought out a solution to become a ‘single-source’ platform for their customers.  They realized a need and an opportunity to bring the proper tools to their freight forwarding base and company arsenal.

“The technology of CommandCenter and CarrierRate have provided us the platform to take our business and our offering to the next level,” states Jim Weatherly, President.  Since instituting the technology offerings of GlobalTranz, Global Freight Source not only has been able to offer new services to existing clientele, but they have also been able to add an entirely new base of business.  “All of our business through our GlobalTranz partnership is new business,” states Marc Collins, EVP of Sales and Marketing.  Both men state that the implementation was able to, “breathe new life,” into their already successful business.

For the 2014 year, with their GlobalTranz partnership alone, Global Freight Source was able to finish strong with revenues of 35+ Million.  “You’re only as good as the people that you surround yourself with,” say Jim Weatherly.  Marc Collins adds, “It has taken a lot of hard work, and it has been fun and exciting.  We have really enjoyed growing our business and being able to hire excellent additions to our team.”  They credit GlobalTranz with assisting in this growth and creating the opportunity.


About Global Freight Source:

“Global Freight Source is a privately held, Milwaukee based logistics company specializing in freight management services including LTL, Full Truckload, Supply Chain Management, and International and Domestic Air/Expedited shipping. Our focus is on providing innovative technology and being a leading-edge provider of web-based transportation management services that helps our customers implement processes that manage and reduce their transportation costs. Founded in 1989, as an air freight forwarding company Global Freight Source has been committed to evolving with the industry using best in class technology. Our strategic objective is to expand GFS to be a ‘single-source’ platform that delivers superior results for all of our customers’ supply chain needs.” – See more at: http://globalfreightsource.com/about/

Global Freight Source




Take a look at the amazing time we had this year in sunny Hollywood, Florida at the GlobalTranz Agent Conference 2015!


It was an amazing 2014 at GlobalTranz.  Every year we are honored to be able to strengthen our relationships with some of the top Freight Carrier Companies in the United States.

Along with our valued Carrier relationships, our extensive Freight Agent Network combines as the lifeblood of our company.  As we see it, both are the best the industry has to offer.

Due to our admiration and respect for both entities, we ask the Freight Agent Network at GlobalTranz to vote for what they perceive as the Carrier of the Year for the following categories:









Here are our results for 2014
Holland A Duie Pyle AAA Cooper Reddaway RRTS SAIA UPS1 UPS2


Again, we would like to thank all our Freight Carrier Company relationships and our excellent Freight Agent Network for a monstrously successful 2014.  We look forward to 2015.






YRC’s CEO, James Welch – Keynote Speaker 
James Welch is set to touch on industry topics, trends and informational analysis at the 2015 GlobalTranz Agent Convention. As chief executive officer, James Welch leads YRC Worldwide and its operating companies. During his 33-year tenure in the transportation and logistics industry, Welch has established a proven track record of leading organizations through difficult challenges and moving them to positions of improved operational efficiency and profitability.

Welch has worked in both domestic and global settings. He has varied and expansive experience in sales and marketing, finance, operations, and labor activities. The experience with a major Fortune 500 company has allowed him to synthesize the various elements of a business into an effective and productive operation. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in business from West Texas A&M University. In addition, he attended the Executive Development Program at Yale University and is a regular attendee at the Center for Service Leadership at Arizona State University.

“James Welch has been a pillar for YRC and their continued growth and success. We are beyond thrilled to have such an industry mainstay and innovator to present at our conference,” says Michael Bookout, Chief Operations Officer for GlobalTranz. “His insight and direction are highly regarded throughout the industry.”

Along with the excitement of Mr. Welch, GlobalTranz (a top 15 US freight brokerage firm) schedule for their annual Agent Conference is set to highlight new technology and service offerings as well as a surprise, groundbreaking product development announcement from founder and CEO, Andrew Leto.

Held in Hollywood, FL May 27th – 29th, the conference will help to re-define the individual freight agency model and focus on the relationship between corporate support and agent or agency. Slated to attend are hundreds of freight agency owners from around the United States who currently partner with GlobalTranz, as well as participants from top carriers (industry leaders) that currently partner with GlobalTranz as well.


Angie Tessmer – Director of Contracts and Procurement

Angie joined GlobalTranz in July 2011.  She and her team manage all agent, customer, vendor and carrier agreements for GlobalTranz.  Angie’s 25 years of experience includes the defense, aviation and training industries with companies such as Mitsubishi International and Airbus Industries of North America.  Angie has collaborated with outside counsel to gain a full breadth of knowledge of the freight brokerage transportation industry and its unique legal issues. Additionally, she has partnered with specialized insurance vendors to provide the best solutions for GlobalTranz and its customers.  Angie recently added a procurement role to her duties. The procurement team’s focus is to ensure efficient and cost effective solutions for all GlobalTranz operational requirements.

Get the Green Light for your Customer Contract!

Do you want to fast track your contract approval?  

Do you want to know how to get your customer contract approved quickly?

Do you want to understand the liability issues, which will give you better negotiating power with your customer?

Do you want to learn about the Q4 roll out automated automate insurance option to better insure your customer!

Come to our breakout session and these questions plus more will be answered! 



Andrew Haines – Director of Managed and Innovative Services.

He received his bachelors degree from The Ohio State University.  In 2010 he decided he had enough with the mid-west winters and made his way to sunny Arizona and GlobalTranz.  Andrew joined the GTZ family to work on the software development for GlobalNet (R.I.P. GNet) and soon found himself taking over the EDI department to improve our EDI dispatching, tracking, and invoicing processes.  Over the last 12 months GlobalTranz has built a division dedicated to the integration services that we can provide your agency, your customers, and our carriers. Managed and Innovative Services is this division, Managed Services is our current suite of integration capabilites and Innovative Services is development that is taken up to integrate to a customers specific need which will eventually become a Managed Service.  Andrew will be presenting for the Managed and Innovative Services group, topics to be covered will be everything from EDI to API, Truckload, LTL, case studies, customer integration engagement, integration for invoicing, and most importantly how can integration with a customer increase your revenues.  




Product Manager – Bradley Hartwig

Born in Anchorage Alaska, Bradley Hartwig came from a background in automation and manufacturing before earning a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics from Arizona State University. Staff Sergeant Hartwig practices logistics for one of the largest organizations in the country, the United States Army, while fulfilling his duty as a member of the Army Reserves. He also fulfills his duty to the community through regularly volunteering his time to preside over a young men’s organization with his church. Through honest work ethic, Bradley has moved up the ranks at GlobalTranz and has found a great fit as a product manager.

Bradley is a proud father of his newborn daughter Amelia. He also will rarely be found outside of work without his lovely wife at his side. Some of his hobbies include woodworking, painting, travel and field-craft.


The Customer Center is a tool which will help our agent network discover, analyze and convert new Customers. Our simple intuitive and useful tool will help you organize your notes and research on each prospect so that you can increase your rate of conversion. Used in concurrence with CarrierRate2.0 you will be able to get new customers and service their needs easier than ever.




Product Manager – Andrew Reiff

Your newest Product Manager is Andrew Reiff. He’s been a part of GlobalTranz since May of 2013. He started in the Prescott Valley Inside Sales office as a broker/agent, and made the move to Product Manager in April of this year. His knowledge of customer experience and customer service is unparalleled and he has extensive expertise with all of GlobalTranz’s software. He’s been a part of the CarrierRate 2.0 team from the beginning, as an Alpha-Tester, and has contributed dozens of ideas, identified numerous defects, and been involved with as many facets of the development side as possible while consistently performing as a top 5 sales rep in the PSV office. He brings a unique brand of passion and enthusiasm to the team and has excitedly jumped into the fire. His current primary focus is converting users to CR2 and then de-commissioning CR1. To that end, he will be presenting on the features and massive upside to CR2, as well as walking through each feature and demonstrating them.


Ben Buchanan, Director of Truckload Operations

Ben started at GobalTranz as a Carrier Representative in Midwest Flatbed in July 2012. Ben was promoted to Supervisor of Training in April 2013. As Trainer, Ben developed a new hire training program and implemented a Leadership Development Program. In November 2013, Ben transitioned to Senior Manager of Carrier Sales. In his new role, Ben was instrumental in launching a new team focused on the development of carrier relationships using a proactive approach to maximize live network capacity. In April 2014, Ben was promoted to Director of Truckload Operations, and now oversees both Customer and Carrier Sales teams. Ben lives in Scottsdale, AZ and is happily engaged to his fiancee, Jenna.

Mike Leto, Grant Glasser and myself will outline the growth of the Truckload department, 2010 to current.  In addition, we will discuss Dry Van, Flatbed and Specialized Services departments’ capabilities, Market Analyst and Carrier Compliance processes and procedures.  Lastly, we will spotlight Eric Bond and Dennis Martin’s recent success with the Truckload department.