How you manage your supply chain will determine your success in the freight industry. Technology has made it so that every independent freight agent has a chance at building a world-class freight agency. TMS is one of the main drivers of that success – the more advanced your TMS the greater your chance at success.

GlobalTranz is the leading TMS software provider exclusively for freight agents and brokers. Here is a list of the top 5 ways our technology helps you more effectively manage your supply-chain.

#1: Big Data Analysis and Custom Reporting

There is a million bits of data coming at you at all hours of the day. You can turn those numbers in to cold hard facts that can help you dramatically improve your business operations, increase cash flow, and grow your agency.

Big data is playing a huge part in helping agents fine tune their supply chain down to the fine details. GlobalTranz TMS gives you the most precise and highly customizable reports anywhere. Plus they come in easy to read custom reports to consolidate information gleaned from data coming from all along your supply chain.

#2: End-to-End Shipment Management

No longer do you need one carrier to carry the ball the whole way. Technology enables agents to move their freight coast to coast and around the globe. You have access to real-time reporting that virtually gives you eyes on the ground as you manage your customers’ freight shipments from their origination to their destination.

#3: Nimble Supply Chain Carriers

In order to guarantee shipments to anywhere in the country or the world, you have to have a carrier network that is large enough and skilled enough to handle whatever comes your way.

GlobalTranz customers, partners, and agents have access to an exclusive 20,000-carrier database of some of the top 3PLs in the world to choose from. The more effectively you can manage your shipments, the more business you will attract. Having nimble supply chain carriers is a necessity.

#4: Seamless Intermodal Shipment Management

From ocean to land, from land to air, many freight agents have to move shipments along various supply chain transportation modes. In order to ensure that your operations don’t get stuck at an airport or loading dock, you have to have seamless intermodal shipment management.

At GlobalTranz we offer expedited services for supply-chain management that stretches beyond the continental U.S. Uniformed supply chain management helps to reduce errors, delays, and fees using advanced technology.

#5: Streamlined Operations

Finally, while other agents have to farm out their accounting functions and spend hours inputting data every day for the same vendors over and over, our technology automates it and streamlines it for you. It not only saves time and money in productivity and overhead but it also enables you to focus on the larger picture of building your freight business.

Using GlobalTranz technology we handle the responsibilities of invoicing, bill pay, carrier pay, claims filing, reporting, and more. Our CommandCenter interface allows you to customize your view so that you can analyze your historical and real-time financial data to make better financial decisions.

The GlobalTranz Technological Advantage

No other software firm has worked longer or lasted longer at the top of this once niche market. Today logistics technology firms are springing up all of the time trying to match the GlobalTranz technological advantage.

Our focus is only on making sure that our technology meets and exceeds our partner, vendor, and client needs. We build the technology that today’s freight agents want and need. Our carriers benefit from the GlobalTranz advantage, as do our vendors and partners.

When you partner with a company that has a winning tradition like we do, it means something in the industry. Our reputation is only matched by our continued effort to offer the first in its class innovation that keeps enabling freight agents to succeed.

If you are an independent freight agent interested in building your own first rate freight agency, there is no other company that can offer the GlobalTranz advantage. Especially if you are just getting started, our Freight Agent Opportunity Program can help you build your freight agency on solid ground while earning a living and building your client list.

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Just a decade ago the logistics industry underwent a complete overhaul from a single carrier supply-chain model and whiteboard load schedules to a top-to-bottom technology driven supply-chain model. Now as technology takes its next big leap, freight agents will once again have to integrate their old systems with new supply-chain technology.

What We Learned a Decade Ago

When computerization and globalization first began reshaping the freight industry GlobalTranz was there creating innovative solutions specifically designed for freight agents and brokers. We realized back in 2003 that if we could harness technology and apply it to logistics it could create a level playing field for any small or independent agent.

The problem for most firms back then was in the transition. It was evident that technology was going to become an integral part of business operations but the move from a very easel board and calculator style business was difficult on multiple levels:

What was needed was technology that was specific to the needs of supply-chain managers. Technology was making real-time communications possible while in transit. Mobile was in its infancy. What was needed for freight agents and brokers was a way to use that technology in a concerted way to build their businesses.

Strategies for Phasing in New Technology

Once the benefits were realized: streamlined operations, various cost savings points, data consolidation, lead generation, customer service optimization, the question became how to phase in new technologies like our CarrierRate2.0.

In the beginning companies had to take a very methodical approach. Putting the technology in place meant buying a lot of hardware for multiple locations including warehouses and distribution centers.

On top of that the additional staff required to operate and manage the new software plus train employees and carriers on it was extremely time consuming and costly. Our solution was to create software programs that could be all-in-one solutions that would not only save time but also money.

How Those Lessons Apply to Today

What’s the point in integrating into new computerized systems if it is going to cost more money and take more time to integrate? We applied the lessons learned from the initial industry-wide overhaul to computerization to today’s digitized supply-chain.

Another thing that we learned is that all of the lessons that applied to yesterday do not apply today. For instance we are experiencing a type of digital change in freight logistics unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Technology is stretching from the website to the agent to the carrier to the other side of the globe. Without proper technology it is impossible to even attempt to enter into the field these days.

Integrating the Old with the New with GlobalTranz

Today’s freight technology has to effectively analyze big data, utilize cloud computing, be fully mobile capable, and connected together through the IoT. The logistics firms with the most innovative strategies for quickly adopting rapidly advancing technologies into their operations will seize the new avenues of revenue that this technology will create.

In fact nearly 85% of industry professionals anticipate the IoT moving much of their supply-chain activities in the future offering more real-time data and visibility according to 55%. Freight agents are also putting their money where their mouths are. More than half of supply-chain operators expect to spend upwards of a million dollars to upgrade their technology this year.

The Future of Supply-Chain Technology

There are even bigger changes on the horizon. How will drone technology continue to alter supply-chain technology? What innovations will spring from sensor technology, automation, and driverless vehicles?

Preparing your supply-chain technology to quickly adapt to what may be coming in the future is the first step to securing your spot in this lucrative field right now. GlobalTranz technology is the most advanced and innovative specifically designed for freight agents and brokers.

Our supply-chain management includes a network of warehouses that spans the entire U.S. to help our agents reduce costs and increase the speed of their deliveries. Leveraging top rates our partners and agents are able to give their customers the most competitive rates because they are saving thousands of dollars in overhead.

Find out what the GlobalTranz advantage can do for your freight agency or become a GlobalTranz partner. Contact us today to learn more.