VP of Operations Brian Nessel Shares Insights on “The Evolving 3PL Market” at JOC Inland Distribution Conference

Brian Nessel, GlobalTranz’s Vice President of Operations, joined a panel of industry leaders at the JOC Inland Distribution Conference in Chicago to discuss “The Evolving 3PL Market.”

Nessel shared key insights on technology, the secrets of successful collaboration, and what’s really important to shippers and carriers in today’s marketplace:


“While often overlooked, technology is equally relevant to the carrier community as it is to the shipper community. Our focus is on helping carriers integrate and benefit from our technology. This helps us better serve our shipper clients as well and is a clear win-win-win for all involved.”


“Identifying shippers and partners that want to collaborate and think about the next big thing together; that are open with their thoughts and sharing their roadmap and have an open mind toward integration…that is where we focus at GlobalTranz.”

“We are very focused on the carrier relationship, understanding their operating costs and how to lower them, and providing the visibility they need.”

Digital Freight Matching (DFM):

“DFM is one tool among many others in the toolbox. Freight matching is everywhere. Do shippers truly care whether a load was booked using DFM? At the end of the day, shippers want to work with providers that deliver the desired service and price. DFM is one way to deliver on that, but not the only way. Providing predictive analytics that helps shippers make better decisions can make a bigger impact.”

The Future of GlobalTranz:

“For GlobalTranz, our focus is on responsible growth and fostering a culture that people want to work with and for. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, provide solutions up and down the supply chain, and bring carrier partners closer to the shipper community.”