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Product Manager – Bradley Hartwig

Born in Anchorage Alaska, Bradley Hartwig came from a background in automation and manufacturing before earning a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics from Arizona State University. Staff Sergeant Hartwig practices logistics for one of the largest organizations in the country, the United States Army, while fulfilling his duty as a member of the Army Reserves. He also fulfills his duty to the community through regularly volunteering his time to preside over a young men’s organization with his church. Through honest work ethic, Bradley has moved up the ranks at GlobalTranz and has found a great fit as a product manager.

Bradley is a proud father of his newborn daughter Amelia. He also will rarely be found outside of work without his lovely wife at his side. Some of his hobbies include woodworking, painting, travel and field-craft.


The Customer Center is a tool which will help our agent network discover, analyze and convert new Customers. Our simple intuitive and useful tool will help you organize your notes and research on each prospect so that you can increase your rate of conversion. Used in concurrence with CarrierRate2.0 you will be able to get new customers and service their needs easier than ever.



Worldwide Express and GlobalTranz to Join Forces
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