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In nature, it is called “Collective IQ.” It is when animals without the ability to think or reason work together to create an “intelligent” system. Think of a flock of geese flying south for the winter. They coordinate their flight; they know where to go, and when to go based on collective IQ. How does that translate to business?

What is Business Intelligence?

In business it is called business intelligence. Building off of those behaviors observed in nature, businesses are able to build more intelligent systems. For business, those systems are made up of a combination of human intelligence, machine intelligence, and computer intelligence.

The key to harnessing the collective IQ of any business relies on the same fundamental instincts that guide flocks of geese: communication and density. These are used to create patterns and move operations forward in an intelligent manner resulting in greater control over large business systems.

In logistics, the idea of coordinating a shipment in the same efficient manner of a flock of geese is exactly why logistics firms are incorporating these mechanisms into their overall operations. Except with human intelligence and artificial intelligence, the results can be exponentially more potent.

Systems of Communication

No matter what industry you are in, communication is the key to a healthy well functioning business operation. Communication systems happen every time one person sends an e-mail to another or UPS delivers a shipment to your business. All of these use different systems of communication. But there are layers to that communication.

The act of delivering a package is the superficial level of communication. You know from the label who is communicating and with whom. The next level when the addressee opens the package is the information contained in the delivery.

Then there is the technological aspect, which is another layer of that same communication. Once the package is dropped off, the carrier scans the item and logs it. That information is sent back to their HQ. HQ takes that information and inputs it into the system notifying shippers and receivers where the package is in the delivery route. That is the simple chain of communication.

Communication in Logistics

When dealing in logistics, every cog in the chain is crucial to accomplishing the ultimate goal – delivering a shipment on time. That communication involves an even deeper level on the backend. The same simple chain of communication also includes the backend when the shipper books the shipment. Who is coordinating that part of the deal?

Coordinated Operations

With all systems in place communicating appropriately, you need a center of the wheel to coordinate the operations. That level of coordination requires density or comprehensive coordination that dictates where and when communication needs to occur.

Freight agents are tasked with handling broad, multi-level communication and coordinating it into an efficient model that moves freight quickly and error-free. Technology, like the technology we create at GlobalTranz, is building systems that leverage communication between you and your customer and between you and the carriers while our team provides backend support.

The Fly-Wheel Model

Have you ever wondered how businesses like Amazon are able to ship millions of packages a day to anywhere selling practically anything? The secret to their success is a systems model that they use called the “Fly-Wheel Model.”

Just like the spokes around the hub of a wheel, the fly-wheel model uses those lines around a central hub as lines of communications coordinated on a wheel. Communication spreads up and down the chain from the hub to the tire. The design creates the coordination necessary to move the whole thing forward.

Building Business Intelligence into Logistics with GlobalTranz

At GlobalTranz we are building business intelligence into logistics with our industry leading freight logistics software. Those programs offer the multi-layer communication abilities that every freight agent needs while a dense and robust network of partners help us to keep the wheel moving along.

We are using the same fly-wheel model that has made Amazon and other major businesses so successful. Using our exclusive proprietary software like CarrierRate2.0 and CommandCenter we are making more possible than ever for our team of freight agents to maximize their business intelligence.

Is your freight operation lacking in business intelligence? Are you interested in finding ways to turn your independent freight business into a freight logistics empire? If so, you will need the type of innovative intelligent software that only we create at GlobalTranz. For more information about adding our GlobalTranz products to your operations, contact us here.