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Many fresh graduates work hard to get that one good business idea and then work on it instead of opting for a traditional career. While the eventual success looks great, to get there, you have to wade through a very turbulent sea of difficulties and what we call “start-up” stress. Such is the stress associated with a start-up that we have given it, its domain.

However, if you want to achieve success in the start-up world, you will have to learn how to manage stress and overcome it. Resilience is the most prominent quality in all start-up founders; stress seems to grow as your start-up reaches new heights and often shows no signs of letting up.  But with a bit of up-front planning (we know…it seems ironic that we recommend more work) stress can be managed and not be allowed to get in the way of success.

Ditch the to-do list

Checklists have a way of becoming a terrible headache. They keep on growing and soon maintaining them becomes a task in its own right. The more unchecked boxes there are on the list, the greater the anxiety increases. This anxiety often pulls you from important tasks to another one, to realize at the end of the day you have truly no completed tasks.

Instead keep a “Done List.” Track what you did and understand how productive your day was. The tasks you achieved at the end of the day will keep you motivated, and you will be much more productive focusing on the “done” instead of fretting over what you have not yet accomplished and have lingered in the back of your mind.

Editor’s Note: We use Todoist in our marketing department. Highly recommend! 

Burn stress off at the end of the day

Exercise is the best stress relief strategy out there. Even if you just exercise for 20 minutes, three times a week you will notice that symptoms of stress are reversed.

Exercise not just improves your physical body but gives you a mental edge. Exercise improves your sleep schedules and the overall physical toning eventually translates to longer focus time, thus allowing you to work with a greater focus for longer.

Also, rigorous exercise gives you the opportunity to push everything out of your mind and focus on the task at hand. Excercise often touted as a powerful tool for the most successful people in the world gets you in the mindset of success. You empty everything from your head and unwind. Often after such a challenge of an everyday workout, the thoughts that pop up are much clearer throughout the day with most of the noise or anxieties you have filtered out. Exercise is important for every person for it is an essential element in the creation of a sound body which is home to a sharp mind.  Plus regular exercise will help you avoid weight gain which in itself is a stress factor.

Be selfish and perform good deeds

Stress eats at your core and often takes your sense of purpose, thus distracting you from your final goal. Stress in sufficient quantities is good as it serves as fuel, but once it gets out of hand, it can have a disabling effect.

One best way to beat stress is to indulge in Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs). These RAKs brighten up everyone’s day regardless if you are on the receiving end or the giving one of RAKs.

So if you are looking to start up your own business after years of working in an industry or just out of school and have decided that the start-up route is for you, then buckle up and go all out to achieve the success you are dreaming off.

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