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How do you craft a freight agent website that shows your customers that you care about their success, that they can depend on you to treat their goods with care, and that no one can do the job better than you?

We will show you that by demonstrating that you can solve their problem, by making your communications with them a two-way street, and by crafting a website that reflects a high-quality brand, you can optimize your online marketing strategy and generate more leads.

Know What Your Customers Want

It is easier than ever to anticipate your customers needs if you build the proper metrics into your website. When you do that, you can track user behavior to find out which posts have the most success and which ones need more work. Then you can craft your services and your future posts to line up more closely with what your customers want.

Know Your Competition

In the competitive field of freight logistics you need to know your competition. More and more big named companies are turning to 3PLs for help moving their products regionally and locally. If you can show that you are your region’s top freight agent with connections to the best 3PLs in the area, your website is the best place to do it.

Show How You are Solving an Existing Problem

Too many novice freight agents go around the bend to get to the point. Just tell them what you will do for them up front and right away in your tagline, in your slogans, and on your website. Choosing what to lead with on your homepage should be guided by your effort to answer the question, “What problem am I solving?”

Make Your Website a Two-Way Interaction

Are you dreading figuring out how to do all of this? Don’t. The same skills that you use every day as a freight agent are the same skills that you need to build into your website to make it optimally effective.

One way that you can do this is by utilizing your online presence to start a two-way conversation. When you post on Facebook, are you posing questions and responding to followers who answer? What about comments on your website posts, do you thank those visitors for taking the time to comment?

In order to separate yourself from your competitors you need to show them that you care by responding to their contact with you. This is an excellent way to start building a positive relationship with a potential customer.

What an Effective Freight Agents Website Should Look Like

Freight agents all offer at a minimum to arrange reliable transportation of goods from one place to another. How you separate yourself from every other freight agent looking to snag the same customers as you are is by filling your website with content that gets attention, is informative, and includes:

  • Video Content
  • Blog Photos
  • Service Descriptions
  • Social Media Share Buttons and Links

Think about the services that you offer. Do you offer guaranteed overnight deliveries to certain parts of your region? Do you offer same day service? Do you specialize in transporting specific goods like fuel or food?

Your website should answer each of these questions. Make sure to balance your pages and split all of your content up so that users are not overloaded with information on your homepage. Use image tiles to do a lot of the talking for you.

Being Part of the GlobalTranz Brand

Finally, you want to build a website that reflects a high-quality brand. When you partner with us as one of our GlobalTranz freight agents, you benefit from being part of the GlobalTranz brand. Our technologies are nationally known as top of the industry quality.

You can show off your expertise and the quality of your services in one fell swoop by teaming up with our team at GlobalTranz. We are one of the top three companies in Arizona for the third year straight and we are only getting bigger.

If you have been thinking about a career change or are tired of treating water as a freight agent, let us help you build a successful freight business. You will have access to our proprietary transportation management and customer relationship management software.

Best of all, you get the respect that comes with being a GlobalTranz freight agent partner. Contact us now for more information about our Freight Agent Opportunity Program.