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GlobalTranz is proud to spotlight SAIA Freight for the month of April, 2015.  As one of our top carrier partners, we would like to take this opportunity to hightlight some of their terrific service offerings.

Saia Guaranteed Select – Three flexible options; one solid guarantee

Saia LTL Freight is an industry-defining one and two-day regional carrier that has become one of the most successful transportation companies in the United States today. The carrier’s network of 147 terminals covers 34 states.

Saia offers a variety of products and services to meet the needs of its customers including its Guaranteed Select service, or GSS, options that let shippers choose when they’d like their freight delivered. Each option is covered by a money-back guarantee.

GSS offerings allow customers to choose from three delivery windows for their shipments. They include:

  • GSS 12 – Shipments are guaranteed to arrive by noon,
  • GSS 2 – Shipments are guaranteed to arrive by 2 p.m., and
  • GSS 5 – Shipments are guaranteed to arrive by 5 p.m.

When customers choose one of the GSS service options, Saia guarantees delivery at that specific time. Additionally, customers do not need to make a phone call or fill out extra paperwork to utilize the service. They simply need to write ‘GSS 12,’ ‘GSS 2,’ or ‘GSS 5’ on their bill of lading.

Guaranteed shipping options are extremely important to customers when they’re selecting a carrier. Because of the “just-in-time” business environment company’s operate in, they’re essential. Saia’s GSS options are another way the company is providing customers the services they require so they can successfully manage their businesses and compete in the marketplace.

Saia has offered GSS delivery options for over 10 years and because of the carrier’s wide-ranging network and quality customer service, shippers can chose the delivery option that fits their individual requirements.

For more information on Saia’s GSS options or any other products, please visit or call 1-800-765-7242.


Saia and GlobalTranz